Translation of grace in Spanish:


gracia, n.

Pronunciation /ɡreɪs/

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    (of movement) gracia feminine
    (of movement) garbo masculine
    (of movement) gracilidad feminine literary
    (of expression) elegancia feminine
    (of form) elegancia feminine
    (of form) armonía feminine
    • I do the first couple of movements with grace and ease… but then I forget.
    • She was 5'7, slim and wiry, with a dancer's slow, precise grace in her movements.
    • Sweat was dripping down our faces by this time, but we had to keep our smiles planted on our face and an ease and grace in our movements.
    • While it is true that some of us are with blessed with natural grace of movement, this doesn't necessarily translate to dance movement.
    • In plain leotards six dancers brought the discordant music and bare stage to life with their precise, agile movement and amazing grace on a centre stage trapeze.
    • He danced marvelously with grace, elegance and form.
    • They have beauty on their side, they also have grace and elegance.
    • Thirty years of relentless training and performance have given him total grace and fluidity of movement.
    • Training imparts a sort of grace to their movements and timbre in their voice.
    • The battlecruisers' movements lost their grace, and they fired with far less precision.
    • Ultimate grace and effortless precision combine into a vision of someone floating on a cloud.
    • I generally perform with all the elegance and grace of a hippopotamus.
    • Because of the lightness and grace of the movements, the martial art is cunningly disguised as dance.
    • The rhythm of his run, the accuracy of the plant and the ease and effortless grace with which he flipped over the cross bar provided a fascinating spectacle.
    • She moved with such grace following my every movement.
    • It wasn't exactly a movement of grace but I really didn't care.
    • Even against such odds, she had not given up; she fought without skill or training, but her movements spoke of grace and control.
    • Two ladies strolled out, walking with perfect elegance and grace.
    • Nothing on this earth could match their fast movements and grace.
    • Her mother, Bo, was a beauty pageant winner in Korea, and as you watch her daughter on the course you have a sense that she has inherited some of the same elegance and grace.
    • In many tribal cultures, the social graces, being polite, showing respect and personal interactions are more important than being on time.
    • From an early age, children are trained in etiquette and the social graces.
    • Her family was well connected, and Griffith received an education suitable for a fine lady in polite literature, French, poetry, and the social graces.
    • My tutor hadn't explained the social graces: how, to some extent at least, all players around the table often want the same outcome for the dice and build up some camaraderie.
    • There is a stereotyped image of the virus writer: male, in his teens or early twenties, technically talented but lacking in all the social graces.
    • High-minded citizens petitioned Congress to vote in a new era of enlightened laws to cultivate the social graces.
    • He has a marvelous ability to handle women - with all the social graces.
    • For all her military ambitions, Dana was well trained in the social graces, and could waltz as well as she could fight.
    • Perhaps there you can learn some of the basics of the social graces.
    • In Japan, by observing all the social graces, I could often pass for a native.
    • There is no doubt manners and social graces are essential pillars to hold up our society.
    • It's not everyday someone just offers you food, so good graces and manners were what he needed at this moment in time.
    • And above all, he has replaced his father's courtesy and good graces with an almost proud rudeness and scorn for others.
    • Nanotechnology may cure chemically-based paranoia and depression forever, but it will not confer social graces on the awkward - or compassion on the intolerant.
    • It's just that I don't have the personality to sit still and make sure to keep my laughter at a low tone and pretend I am interested in mundane things for the sake of social graces.
    • Campus interviewers often rush through résumés, looking more for future graduates with potential, which may or may not amount to social graces.
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    • 2.1(courtesy)

      cortesía feminine
      gentileza feminine
      you might at least have the grace to say you're sorry podrías por lo menos tener la cortesía / la gentileza de disculparte
      • Rather than seeing this as a sign of weakness, I see it as a sign of grace, courtesy, and diplomacy.
      • All these visitors to our realm should be greeted with the same grace and courtesy.
      • When he visited us in Delhi, I was immediately charmed by his grace, civility and intellectual sensitivity.
      • At least he had the good grace to apologize quickly.
      • At least he has the good grace to admit that the professional relationship he has with his deputy is different these days.
      • And he didn't even have the good grace to admit being caught out.
      • And to give him his due, Monty had the good grace to admit the article had spurred him on to prove he could still win at the highest level.
      • All the guests were models of decorum, grace and manners and I didn't know if I would get used to such good behaviour.
      • She let me off the hook with grace, respect and her trademark southern charm.
      • He handles it all with politeness and good grace.
      • And they are familiar with every principal difference between UK and US culture and deal with them with grace and good humour.
      • They were the picture of decency, commitment, and stability, of grace, strength, and integrity.
      • ‘I don't want to make a big deal out of this,’ she says with a characteristic mixture of grace and frankness.
      • She tolerated my eleven year old's questions with grace and kindness.
      • They've tolerated our haphazard approach to marriage with grace and humour.
      • Your grace and diplomacy take you to high places and to important people.
      • They didn't have to give me their time but they did - and they did it with humour and good grace.
      • Despite suffering what must have been a hurtful rebuff for a young academic, she spoke of him in very respectful terms, characteristic of her usual grace.
      • Everyone in New York was so proud of the politeness, grace and conduct of their visitors who have made countless friends throughout the US.
      • All Americans have come to see this city as place of bravery, of generosity and grace.

    • 2.2(good nature)

    • 2.3(good quality)

      social graces modales
      • she has no social graces no sabe cómo comportarse

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    • 3.1(mercy)

      gracia feminine
      • The book approached the issue of salvation, God's grace, and human free will from a Calvinist perspective.
      • We are saved by God's free grace, through faith in Christ's atoning death and resurrection.
      • Our main message is salvation through grace alone, by faith alone, through Christ alone.
      • Even at our best, we are pretty ambiguous characters, and it is only by God's grace in Christ that we have hope of salvation.
      • In a general sense this miracle speaks to us about the dawn of the gospel of grace through Jesus Christ.
      • They have no understanding of the gospel, no knowledge of God's free grace, and no experience of the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit.
      • Paul's gospel is that salvation comes by grace through faith, to Jew and Gentile alike.
      • The chief remedy for sin, poverty and dirt should be the gospel of God's free grace.
      • They know that they stand accepted by God, forgiven and adopted into God's family, solely on the basis of God's free grace.
      • It is faith in Jesus Christ, whose righteousness has been imputed to us by the free grace of God.
      • We all know that Paul's letters emphasise salvation by grace through faith.
      • Does it bring glory to the Son of God as the only dispenser of grace to guilty sinners - and the only way to God?
      • He gave away much that others might enjoy the treasure of God's grace in Jesus Christ.
      • Every true Christian is evidence of that, for every one is a sinner saved by grace.
      • He is worthy of worship and calls sinners saved by grace to this great endeavour.
      • If rejection is our dilemma, grace is our salvation.
      • How can people appreciate the wonder of grace, forgiveness and salvation if they have not first learnt about God's holiness and the gravity of sin?
      • The truth was that they were saved by grace and that all spiritual blessings were theirs in Christ.
      • Harvey also talked about God's grace in his life though.
      • Not only does God give us wisdom and His grace, we are blessed with His qualities, which is to be Christ-like.

    • 3.2(prayer)

      to say grace bendecir la mesa
      • Twain joined Livy at prayers and grace before meals.
      • She ensured that they said their nightly prayers and grace before meals.
      • You two don't say grace at meals, or kiss each other good morning, good night or good-bye.
      • I am grateful to my parents in a way as I have never been forced to go to church or to say grace before meals (except at junior school).
      • Every time you eat (whether it's a snack or a seven-course meal), say grace.
      • The boys eat dinner together with each set of grandparents, say grace before meals, and read or share stories at night.
      • Neither of my parents had been overly religious although Da had insisted on saying grace before meals and he refused to do any work on a Sunday.
      • Say a simple little grace before meals, even on the odd day
      • They don't leave their rooms until everything is tidy and say grace before every meal.
      • Daddy wasn't religious - none of us were - but he had always said grace before meals, ever since I could remember.
      • Rev Armstrong said the grace before meal and Fr Maginn said the thanksgiving afterwards.
      • Finally cubes of sweet juicy mango and fragrant curry leaves were added and we sat down to enjoy a meal with all the family after saying grace in Malayalam.
      • In many graces, we ask God's blessing for good food and good company.

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    gracia feminine
    16 days' grace,16 days of grace 16 días de gracia
    • Effectively, the family can be given a year's grace before the court grants possession.
    • He says that the Mars mission could take place as early as 2009, but the two years' grace period allows the agency to spread the cost around that much more.
    • The offer of a period of grace is a critical factor in the underwriting of this form of business.
    • If the patient cannot pay immediately, a period of grace is allowed, but he maintained that this is not the norm.
    • In February, the plaintiff again sought and was granted a further grace period to March 31, 1995.
    • Late fees now average $29, and most cards have reduced the late payment grace period from 14 days to zero days.
    • Of course, it is upon this 12-month grace period that Oakley wish to rely.
    • The loan should be repaid within 10 years and has a 5-year grace period and preferential interest.
    • If they are initially below 30 per cent, but then rise to above 35 per cent, the period of grace shall be limited to one year.
    • Its purpose was to give borrowers a period of grace before repayments of principal become due.
    • Just before you know you may miss a payment, ask for a cure, which is a 30-day grace from your mortgage payment.
    • Quick work was necessary to allow adequate time for the implementation of the legislation within the year's grace allowed by the court, he said.
    • The pilot scheme involves cars which are not insured being removed from the road while the drivers are given a period of grace usually seven days in which to organise insurance and recover their vehicles.
    • The company has a 30-day grace period to decide whether to make the payments.
    • Legislation regarding the taxing of bookmakers was going to be amended and they would be given six months' grace under the old payment system.
    • The loans are extended for up to 12 years with three-year grace period and are available for almost all sectors of the economy.
    • The loans were provided at favourable terms, and a period of grace for their repayment was sometimes granted, with significantly low interest rates.
    • Subjects were allowed a period of grace, 20% of the period covered by the previous prescription, to obtain another prescription of the drug.
    • However the local policy of 3 months grace is not a rule of law, and the overall conduct needs to be looked at.
    • However, to avoid a potentially chaotic situation, a 6-month grace period is provided before any regulations may be made invalid.
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    (as title)
    his Grace the Archbishop of York Su Eminencia el Arzobispo de York
    • their Graces the Duke and Duchess Sus Excelencias, el duque y la duquesa
    • Your Grace Excelencia
  • 6

    the three Graces las tres Gracias

transitive verb

  • 1

    she graced the event with her presence honró el acto con su presencia
    • how kind of you to grace us with your presence! ¡qué amabilidad la tuya en dignarte acompañarnos!
    • John Taylor is acknowledged as one of the greatest hurlers ever to play for Laois and indeed one of the finest exponents ever to grace the ancient game.
    • Greaves, a goal-scorer of legendary prowess, is one of the greatest footballers ever to grace the English game.
    • Botham, 48, is widely considered to be one of the greatest all-rounders ever to grace the game.
    • Flex congratulates Don, one of the nicest guys to ever grace the sport, on his successful surgery.
    • Sampras refused to be drawn on the question of whether he was the greatest player ever to grace the game.
    • For those of you who have never heard of the man, he was one of the wittiest, cleverest and funniest comedians that ever graced this earth.
    • And how does he intend to unseat one of the greatest champions that has ever graced these parts?
    • She turned full time professional in 1979 and came to the attention of the great Mark Murphy, one of the most accomplished and respected jazz vocalists ever to grace a stage.
    • It was great because we got to stay next door to my in-laws, and my mom, probably one of the best cooks ever to grace this planet, lived around the corner.
    • It is fitting that the second half of the top ten best performances of 2003 should include one of the finest Sligo bands ever to grace a stage.
    • He was selected on the team of Centenary announced five years ago and is regarded as one of the finest footballers ever to grace the Gaelic fields.
    • A Tour of pure nostalgia with some of the greatest artists ever to grace the concert stage in Ireland will be coming to the north west next month.
    • They are without doubt one of the most entertaining live rock shows to ever grace the stage.
    • He is perhaps one of the most honest and caring people to ever grace our screens.
    • Mr Palmer said: " Manchester has delivered a magnificent stadium that will grace the city and will be a worthy legacy for Manchester and British sport.
    • While in Boston he teamed up with Johnny Sain, another pitcher, and the two became one of the greatest duos ever to grace a baseball diamond.
    • However, I'm pretty sure that his biggest claim to fame is that of being one of the best live performers ever to grace a concert hall or stadium.
    • If you have followed my guidelines, you will have undoubtedly created the most perfect email to ever grace the Internet!
    • Tonight is also boring, because Sky has not graced us with her presence.
    • She was fiddling with the oven when she noticed I had graced her with my presence.
    • One of his prints also graces the entire back cover of the current issue of ‘Harvest’ - the Diocesan quarterly magazine.
    • Huge wooden beams in the bedroom and drawing room once graced an Aberdeen wool mill.
    • They would grace our otherwise cluttered shelves.
    • His woodcarvings still grace the Hotel Marauw and Biak's House of Arts.
    • Some of his mural paintings grace the Synod Palace in Sofia and Varna Cathedral.
    • A special table will grace the Great Chamber of a historic house in York in memory of one of its volunteers.
    • The boy nodded, a crooked grin gracing his high, rosy cheekbones.
    • Her eyes lit up with a star-struck grin gracing her pale, freckled face.
    • With small blond curls gracing his head and bright blue eyes, Jake was the object of Nell's affections.
    • Neither one moved or spoke, but a soft smile graced both of their mouths as they held each other.
    • Her images grace everything from linens and bedding to stationery products and floor coverings.
    • Huge oaks, cedars and wisteria grace the 1,300 acre stretch of rambling greens known as Deer Park.
    • I am delighted to learn an image of the sculpture will grace the new twenty-dollar bill.
    • What a contrast that would be from the spoiled, overpaid and selfish athletes who normally grace the covers of sports magazines.
    • He is the most gorgeous man to ever grace the planet, plain and simple.
    • It was April 10, 1912, and in less than an hour the most majestic ship to ever grace the seas would begin her historical maiden voyage.
    • And he did so in some of the most powerful images ever to grace a billboard.
    • Jason's sister pulled him into a tight hug, that radiant smile still gracing her lips.
    • Before Hamm in January 1997, no woman had ever graced our cover.
    • The work will also grace the cover of the 45,000 programs distributed all across the state.