Translation of graffiti in Spanish:


graffiti, n.

Pronunciation /ɡrəˈfidi/ /ɡrəˈfiːti/

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    graffiti masculine
    • A classroom was trashed and walls were daubed with graffiti spray before the wooden library door was set alight.
    • In Cricklade, its store has had graffiti sprayed on the walls.
    • Police in Swindon are urging residents to come forward with clues to help snare vandals who sprayed racist graffiti on walls in Old Town.
    • Once inside, they sprayed graffiti on the walls and ceiling, and Mr MacDonald believes they smoked cannabis.
    • Various graffito was scrawled across the walls.
    • No-one knew how the graffito got there, and as those were the days before closed circuit cameras, no culprit was spotted and certainly the artist never claimed his work.
    • They would also be able to stop and search suspected graffiti artists for spray cans and marker pens, said Mr Denham.
    • Most of the cells were dirty and the walls covered with graffiti.
    • But now, after the club spent months renovating the site, vandals have covered the walls with graffiti.
    • Eggs and stones were hurled around, walls covered in graffiti and shoppers sworn at.
    • What can possibly be done to prevent graffiti being sprayed on every available surface?
    • I do not see graffiti sprayed on someone's garage or wall as creative.
    • Parks with elegant stone walls were covered with graffiti.
    • On his right, the alley ended against a brick wall covered in purple graffiti.
    • Police have appealed for help in tracking down a mysterious graffiti artist spraying walls, garages and shops in Park South with a unique tag.
    • We just returned from your city and were shocked by the criminal graffiti on every flat surface that has appeared in the last year.
    • Last month the Evening Press backed a move by York Police to flush out graffiti vandals who daub walls and buildings in our city with their unsightly scrawl.
    • Since very few trains circulated, graffiti artists started tagging and painting entire subway trains.
    • Paramedics could not believe their eyes when they discovered yobs had sprayed graffiti over the side of one of their ambulances.
    • Yesterday, I saw two workers patiently painting over the gold graffiti that had been sprayed on a wall of the metro platform.