Translation of grand piano in Spanish:

grand piano

piano de cola, n.


  • 1

    piano de cola masculine
    • In her spare time, the lawyer likes to do nothing better than knock out a few ditties from the Great American Songbook on her baby grand piano.
    • My mother received a baby grand piano as a wedding gift from her parents.
    • Stanley had a great love of music and played a baby grand piano.
    • A baby grand piano stood in one room, where Nettie composed music while Roy wrote the words.
    • A baby grand piano, where Hicks entertains friends with blues and jazz tunes, stands in one corner.
    • Soon, everyone was chatting about this or that and Cara heard the baby grand piano playing in the background.
    • James walked into the sitting room where a baby grand piano was nestled in the corner.
    • At one stage the pianist was plucking the strings of a grand piano to emulate a sitar.
    • More than 350 students from 3 major islands played duet pieces in ensembles, on 10 grand pianos.
    • With five children studying piano, the need for more pianos also grew over time, and five grand pianos became a part of the Brown home.
    • I learnt how to play the piano on a beautiful grand piano in their drawing room.
    • He sat at a large grand piano with a computer monitor facing him from the treble side of the keyboard.
    • They were to be accompanied by two grand pianos played by musicians, as well as three xylophones, four bass drums, a gong, three aeroplane propellers, seven electric bells and a siren.
    • Yeah, and there's a lovely musical theme through the whole thing, with grand pianos and guitars and music, it's gorgeous.
    • She practices on a grand piano, brought in the music classroom because of the festival.
    • Apart from mathematics his great loves were walking and music, and his lodgings had always to accommodate a grand piano.
    • His parents, amazed at their son's uncanny musical ability bought him a grand piano at age three.
    • Visitors can also see furniture and musical instruments he owned, including a stunning grand piano.
    • He runs his fingers over the top of the grand piano that sits in the middle of the room, with a book of Scottish songs propped up on the music rack.
    • Inside his immaculately kept living room are four violins for his children and a grand piano which his wife plays.