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Pronunciación /ˈɡræpəl/ /ˈɡrap(ə)l/

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    to grapple (with sb/sth) forcejear (con algn/algo)
    luchar / lidiar (con algo)
    • He is already grappling with the difficulty of converting diplomatic rhetoric into actual money.
    • The Prime Minister immediately set about grappling with the challenge of investigating the bombings.
    • In the course of telling aspirin's story Jeffrey engagingly grapples with challenging questions about the nature of innovation and the impact of commercial rivalry on scientific advancement.
    • Every song grapples with issues surrounding the struggle for social justice.
    • Each one of them worked up a long essay which, over a couple of terms, grappled with challenging ideas about the texts they had been reading.
    • Earlier engineers had grappled with the difficulties of entering the bay.
    • Maybe his struggle to grapple with limited resources is handicapped by his players' indifference.
    • As political leaders and scientists grapple with such enormous challenges, one thing is clear.
    • When you're infamous, it's hard to grapple with the difficulties of notoriety.
    • But now, its chief executive faces growing challenges as the retailer grapples with a midlife crisis.
    • We need to grapple with these difficulties with an expert panel and work out solutions to them and proceed towards them.
    • Reflecting back, our nation has a proud history of grappling with difficult issues.
    • The two sides were grappling with very difficult issues that have divided them for over 50 years.
    • This is not a party political issue as all politicians the length and breadth of the country are grappling with this difficult issue.
    • Nevertheless, it was timely and puts us ahead of the pack in terms of grappling with these difficult issues.
    • The meaning of life and the struggle for power are aspects our society still grapples with as we enter into the new millennium.
    • Many others grappled with the even more daunting challenges of rural communalism.
    • I wanted the film to have a new challenge, to be a new story to grapple with.
    • But, with respect, it certainly grapples with some of the difficult matters that this case raises and I bring it to your Honours' attention.
    • In various jurisdictions the law has grappled with these contending policy considerations using a variety of legal tools.
    • The pair grappled and wrestled and Smith then left the matter, only for the brawl to erupt again shortly afterwards.
    • Here, the players grappled like bears and fought like tigers to stay on their feet.
    • I just always loved fighting and grappling, so I got in the ring.
    • Lydia looked around desperately for another weapon as they grappled on the ground, Boris having the advantage of size but still groggy from the large lump on his skull.
    • I yelped as we grappled and I struggled for dominance, Jonny got lucky and landed on top of me and since he was heavier and stronger he was pretty much in control.
    • Birds grappled and fell, fighting, to the ground, where we could see and hear them flapping and pecking one another in the leaf litter.
    • The Captain closed the distance and the two grappled in a two-handed Indian wrestling stance.
    • Holding each other by the elbows like wrestlers ready to grapple, the two men exchanged pleasantries.
    • The two of them then grappled and fell on to the sofa but during the struggle he grabbed the purse and fled.
    • Within moments, both were grappling and rolling on the ground, struggling for dominance.
    • They even punched and grappled and ducked occasionally, fiercely and physically fighting him off in whatever way they could.
    • The startled barbarian grappled reflexively, neglecting the weapons that hung at his waist.
    • These techniques taught the samurai how to grapple when wearing armor and struggling with an opponent wearing armor.
    • The fight featured almost as much wrestling as boxing as the two men grappled and pushed, especially in the first few rounds.
    • He was especially skilled in the American style of ‘holding and hitting’ and was capable of frustrating aggressive opponents by repeated clinching and grappling.
    • And now she has admitted having a catfight with her housekeeper in which both women ended up rolling around on the floor, grappling and screaming.
    • The two of them are best pals but that day they were like a couple of schoolboys grappling for the ball and it got a bit heated but afterwards Billy came into the office and we all had a really good laugh about it.
    • The two men fell to the floor and started grappling.
    • The men lose their temper and start grappling while the crowd boos.
    • The fighters are grappling on the floor, tearing at each other, screaming abuse and growling like animals.


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    (physical) lucha femenino
    (mental) batalla femenino
    • Over 40 separate maneuvers are available to The Hulk via his combat system, which consists of a number of punches, jumps, and grapples.
    • Over time, Kang learns new fighting techniques, including grapples and disarming, as well as stunt-driving maneuvers.
    • These grapple types are performed by pressing up, down, left or right in conjunction with an attack button, making for 16 grapples per wrestler.
    • The combat itself flows extremely well - the characters often look like they're dancing as they weave in and out of one another's grapples, roundhouse kicks and uppercuts.
    • The attacks at your disposal are also limited to a mixture of punches, kicks, grapples, and a few special moves.
    • We're quite proud of the grapple system - you're able to do anything from body slams to arm twists and throws - you name it.
    • These moves are initially used in combos to set up one of four grappling moves: a quick grapple, a strong grapple, a submission grapple or a specialty grapple.