Translation of gravel in Spanish:


grava, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡrævəl/ /ˈɡrav(ə)l/

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  • 1

    (stone chips)
    (coarse) grava feminine
    (fine) gravilla feminine
    • What separates roads from gravel paths, is the degree of asphalting they have been dressed with.
    • But recovered concrete can be crushed and used as road gravel or aggregate.
    • Sand or gravel is spread below where the concrete is poured.
    • There are many thousands of miles of gravel roads; they enjoy grading at least once a year.
    • Two dens were on lake shores and another on the edge of an abandoned oil field gravel pad.
  • 2

    arenilla feminine
    • Renal stones can in fact mean renal gravel, this is just as painful, but is only sand sized grains that don't show up on X-ray.
    • Its relaxant powers makes it also useful to facilitate the passage of renal calculi and cystic gravel.
    • The authors draw the attention to the side-effect of the medicament, which might cause renal gravel formation.
    • The cystic gravel assumes a crystalline, and as it were a waxy appearance.
    • Cystic gravel is of a yellow colour, and appears crystalline even to the naked eye.

transitive verb graveling, graveled, gravelling, gravelled

  • 1

    (path/surface) cubrir de grava
    (path/surface) cubrir de gravilla
    • Outside, the back garden is landscaped with a rockery area, lawn, patio area and gravelled area incorporating shrubs and climbers.
    • A small gravelled area is the first thing one encounters, southwest - facing and with a thin layer of soil covering spoil from a demolition.
    • ‘A roughly graveled area used for parking cars grabbed my imagination,’ she says.
    • Double-glazed French windows open onto a limestone gravelled area at the back of the property which would make an ideal location for al fresco dining.
    • The house faces the river while the stable block, which is derelict, as well as an orchard, garden and gravelled area are at the back.
    • The rear garden is laid in a mix of timber decking and a higher gravelled area with mature plants, shrubs and trees.
    • A long avenue bordered with mature lime trees leads to an inner front garden and gravelled forecourt.
    • There is a gravelled parking area to the front and side of the house that could accommodate 10 cars.
    • There is a gravelled parking area, a timber garden shed and a south-east facing patio garden.
    • The large area to the rear of the house is also graveled but could be developed as a lawn by new owners.
    • The only area to the side of the house was gravelled, a surface which would certainly not be child friendly.
    • A tarmac path, lightly gravelled, carpeted with late and fading blossom frames the foreground.
    • The main area around the buildings is gravelled, and there is a small lawn facing the lake and a concrete path skirts the house.
    • After 350 metres, it becomes very steep, it isn't gravelled and is not suitable for wheelchairs.
    • Inside, the pathways are gravelled and there are neat rectangles of earth for the children to work on.
    • He also said they are getting a lot of requests to gravel field access roads.
    • This looks out through a glass wall over a ramp which leads down one level to the small gravelled courtyard at the heart of the place.
    • ‘Right away,’ the guard said, rushing to lead them down the neat, graveled pathway, past the neatly trimmed hedges and sparkling marble fountains set amid bright green grass and brilliant red roses.
    • A long graveled driveway led us from the main road all the way to very front of the building that wrapped around a small fountain with the statue of an angel dancing in the center.
    • Suddenly there was a flash of light on his far right, deep inside the grounds at the end of a straight gravelled road that branched off from a circular drive behind the bathhouse.
  • 2graveled past participle

    (path/road) de grava
    (path/road) de gravilla