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gran, adj.

Pronunciación /ɡreɪt/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(large in size)

      (before nounsingular) gran
      (before nounplural) grandes
      the Great Lakes los Grandes Lagos
      • He's a young lad with a good physique and a great amount of potential.
      • Her work forces the viewer to think, and above all to feel, with great intensity.
      • Father Jones who hosted the event in is house thanks all those who helped in any way to raise such a great amount.
      • It makes little sense that they would have loaded a great amount of treasure on an unescorted ship.
      • Despite a great amount of controversy at the time and efforts to keep them open, two of the town's schools closed.
      • We got a really great response with amount of entries last year as well as the turnout of people on the night.
      • Knowing that in purely physical terms we can mix it with the best has given us a great amount of confidence and composure.
      • She was a kindly and Christian lady, who also did a great amount of knitting for charity.
      • The violins, viola and cello were played with great vigour, intensity and lyrical beauty.
      • In the first half we played with great rhythm and intensity which gave us some breathing space in the second half.
      • I also think that going through the process of applying will itself do York a great amount of good.
      • A great amount of money has been spent on it, and the money is all up there on the screen.
      • It calls for a great amount of maturity to understand how much one can handle.
      • He had an intensely inquisitive mind and a great interest in the natural sciences.
      • There is no doubt that the West Coast has an immense amount of great scenery and things to do.
      • The children generally have a hunger to learn and are bright students with great potential.
      • There is a great interest in the swimming competition, which is highly commendable.
      • At the early meetings there was great interest and enthusiasm, but that dwindled.
      • It may be of great interest to hear something about the role of the Parish Council in this conflict.
      • The organic industry is fairly new in Australia and has great potential for expansion.

    • 1.2

      (number/quantity) (before nounsingular) gran
      (number/quantity) (before nounplural) grandes
      a great many people muchísima gente
      • a great deal of criticism muchas críticas
      • the great majority la gran mayoría
      • to fall from a great height caerse de muy alto
      • we discussed it in great detail lo discutimos muy minuciosamente / punto por punto
      • she lived to a great age vivió hasta una edad muy avanzada
      • on an even greater scale incluso a mayor escala

    • 1.3(profound, intense)

      (affection/sorrow/attention/advantage) (before noun) gran
      with great interest/care con gran interés/cuidado
      • great progress has been made se han hecho grandes progresos
      • greater help is needed se necesita más ayuda
      • The air of studied banality persists even during moments of great importance.
      • Meditation is of great importance and is central to the practice of the Eightfold Path.
      • The room was next to the kitchen and was a place of great importance.
      • The dental care of the elderly, the sick and the debilitated is a matter of great importance.
      • European agriculture is of great importance, and we must not overlook farmers and their families.
      • Subsequently, the end result is not of great importance to me either way.
      • The police should give great importance to this issue as they do in the case of drunken drivers.
      • Results also matter more the further you progress and they are of great importance when you make the first team.
      • However on further reflection I realised that this is a news story of great importance.
      • Having said all that I must add that the English language has been of great importance in my life.
      • He attached great significance to prime numbers, like seventeen, seven and one.
      • He attached great importance to his university lectures and he lectured almost entirely about his own work.
      • The preservation of our natural and historic heritage is of very great importance to us as a nation.
      • They attach great importance, however, to a decision being reached at an early date.
      • Though these kinds of equality are of great importance, they are not my subject.
      • Development experts talk of the great importance of education in the poor countries.
      • Winning the support of the unions was of great importance to the anti-war movement.
      • The Judge said that it was of very great importance that the Appellant had pleaded guilty.
      • Evidence is a generic notion of great importance to many practices and enquiries.
      • For many it was not a glamorous life but the work they did was of great importance.

  • 2

    • 2.1(important)

      (landowner/occasion/problem) (before nounsingular) gran
      (landowner/occasion/problem) (before nounplural) grandes
      the great houses of England las grandes mansiones de Inglaterra
      • the great American novel la gran novela americana
      • the Great Fire of London el gran incendio de Londres
      • the Great Powers las grandes potencias
      • Today, more than ever, the government lacks any grand visions and great causes.
      • It is somewhat ironic that the last great monument of the house of Wessex was mainly a product of Norman culture.
      • We congratulate him and thank him for his great contribution to the grand old club.
      • In a truly great grand final between two worthy participants, the best team won.
      • The bride's father, it emerged, had been in service as a groom and chauffeur at great houses in the Borders.
      • The Queen Mother and King George also modernised Birkhall's great house and built a new wing.
      • It is a great house but it was designed for the lifestyle of over 100 years ago.
      • The Army had requisitioned our local great house and his regiment was stationed in it.
      • Australians have fought in all the big wars, as part of either a great empire or a grand alliance.
      • The great house was surrounded by numerous and variously shaped out-buildings.
      • The Grandmother had told her all about the great libraries that Garter housed.
      • Leara walked faster through the great house and almost broke in to a run in the garden until she came to the clearing.
      • They are so easily seduced into the great house of Babylon known as the palace.
      • Jeannie ends up as a servant in a great house, where various things befall her.
      • Some of the boys await the bride and groom to leave the house and a great bell is rung to rouse the neighbourhood.

    • 2.2(outstanding)

      (man/woman/painter/athlete/author) (before nounsingular) gran
      (man/woman/painter/athlete/author) (before nounplural) grandes
      Catherine the Great Catalina la Grande
      • she was destined for great things estaba predestinada a llegar lejos
      • This is slightly harder to do, but with practice it makes an excellent show-stopper and a great way to win a pig.
      • The staff always go out of their way for me, too, and the guys who own it are great blokes.
      • I never knew his Dad, but if he was anything like his son I'm sure he was a truly great guy.
      • Kevin is a great guy but I'll think twice about inviting him to one of my parties.
      • Nick is a great guy and his project will have a lasting benefit to the business.
      • Both him and Jason, who was a great guy on and off the field, helped me a lot.
      • He's a lovely guy and a great player, one of the most talented forwards around.
      • I can promise an evening of excellent food, fabulous entertainment and great guests.
      • Yes of course it was a bad miss but what about the two great goals that he did score?
      • Right now, she had a date with a great guy and she wasn't going to let her parents ruin it.
      • I would probably describe him as a scorer of great goals rather than a great goal scorer.
      • It was a great goal but I felt we should have cleared our lines before that.
      • It will be a great night and an excellent venue for promoting Air Force ideals and heritage.
      • The hosts got off to a great start with a goal in the ninth minute.
      • He is a great guy to have meetings with since he usually suggests having them in one of the campus cafes.
      • It is always great to help an excellent cause at the same time as enjoying an event, and this was to be no exception.
      • He has a great voice, really excellent, and he's captured the attention of many a busy pub with his singing.
      • You're going to meet a great guy or girl, but still keep in touch with all of your friends.
      • Not only is he a great guy; he has never been slow to tell everyone how much I help him.
      • I've been lucky to work with three great players who are all great blokes.
      • He did concede, however, that there were some whose quality was so great that they must be saved.
      • Westlake, for you youngsters, is a crime novelist of long standing and great eminence.
      • The event is just dreadful and yet the way it's recorded is great art and it leads us into a kind of paradox.
      • He may be in the twilight of his career, but he has great qualities and great skill.
      • Officials say the project will give visitors a chance to view it in isolation both as a religious work and great art.
      • But great works of art and architecture transcend the motives of their founders.
      • There was a lot of great art to see in the city this year and the good news is some of it you can still catch over the holidays.
      • A great critic has the ability to make the individual voice become a collective one.
      • Like great works of art or literature, they express the spirit of the age.
      • They report to him of her beauty and great qualities, and he sends her a proposal of marriage.
      • I rather feel like looking at great art, and I am certainly in the right place to do that.
      • She has a child-like curiosity about everything and a great ability to pick on things.
      • In your opinion, what are the three qualities every great film should possess?
      • He then threw his great energy and ability into the co-operative movement.
      • You are a man clearly of great ability and hitherto good character and I give you full credit for that and your plea of guilty.
      • Yet you hear a great piece of music and you feel good afterwards; you look at a great work of art and you feel good afterwards.
      • His athletic ability is so great that he can line up on either side or as a linebacker at times.
      • The winners had shown a great ability to be creative and inventive with their display table.
      • It's not so much to produce something of great quality as to prove to yourself that you really can write a novel if you put your mind to it.
      • This is a team with great ability who will do very well if they are able to focus and work hard as they did in this game.

    • 2.3(genuine, real)

      (friend/rival) (before nounsingular) gran
      (friend/rival) (before nounplural) grandes
      it's a great pity you can't come es una verdadera lástima que no puedas venir
      • you're a great help! ¡valiente ayuda la tuya!
      • she's leaving — it's no great loss se va — no se pierde mucho
      • she has a great eye for detail tiene muy buen ojo para los detalles
      • I'm a great fan of yours soy un gran admirador suyo
      • you great idiot! ¡pedazo de idiota!
      • Eileen is very quiet and Brian is wonderful, he has been a great friend of mine over the years and I am delighted for them.
      • As a great fan of porridge, I was looking forward to judging the offerings.
      • I'm a great fan of cryptic crosswords, even though they are tantalisingly difficult.
      • Both are great fans of The Smiths, who are widely regarded as the most important band of the 1980s.
      • He was a great fan of American football, and rarely missed the Super Bowl.
      • As someone born in 1948 who has always been looked after by the NHS, I am a great fan of it.
      • You may have gathered that I'm a great fan of exfoliation to keep skin looking youthful and fresh.
      • He was a man of great humour, wit and a great conversationalist and friend to all.
      • This kind of behavior is not acceptable and I can't say that I have ever been a great fan of the supermodel.
      • It was a very emotional day for him he said as Kieran was a great friend of his.
      • In the event, the two became great friends and the status quo was maintained.
      • Yesterday one of his team mates paid tribute to a man described as a fantastic athlete and great friend.
      • He was a great neighbour and friend to many and he will be sadly missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him.
      • Moira was a great neighbour to a friend in distress, an angel to all in their journey through life.
      • Your sense of humor might be a bit off, but you're a great friend and can always be counted on.
      • Another friend showed his great sense of humor in dealing with the obvious statements.
      • Tears of joy were flowing as three great army friends were reunited after more than 50 years apart.
      • He had been a great follower/fan and friend for quiet a long time and it turned out to be the right decision.
      • They have remained great friends and there is no animosity between them.
      • We became great friends over the years and I have frequently invited them to St Lucia.

  • 3coloquial

    (goal/movie/meal) sensacional
    (goal/movie/meal) fabuloso
    to be great at sth
    to be great on sth
    we had a really great time lo pasamos fenomenal coloquial
    • the great thing is that you don't need to clean it lo mejor de todo es que no hay que limpiarlo
    • he's a really great guy es un tipo sensacional
    • he was just great about it se lo tomó muy bien
    • She knows how all - consuming life becomes in this business and she is great at keeping my feet on the ground.
    • She was great at reading other people, just not so perceptive when it came to herself.
    • I'm terribly proud of her and I think she's great at her job, and being a mother.
    • I'm not great at going to get haircuts, and so have no formal hairdresser to call my own.
    • She wasn't great at dancing her waltz, but the judges were very kind to her.
    • She is great at helping out other patients and is always worried about others around her.
    • He's great at grills, barbecues and salads, but it's a shame he makes so much mess.
    • He was great at going forward but not so useful in making it back to his berth.
    • I want to know what it and the consultants have got against Kevin when he is great at his job.
    • Trying to patient with him when he was like this was never something she was great at.
    • He is so great at what he does because he gets to know his clients on a very personal level.
    • He's great at covering that left side and doesn't mind being one for one against people.
    • We believe we are great at feeling what is wrong or what we would like to work better and then fixing it.
    • Friends says she is great at playing with her son, rolling on the floor with him and making him roar with laughter.
    • She's great on dialogue, and she's got the ease of a confident and intuitive writer.


  • 1coloquial

    (outstanding person)
    estrella femenino
    grande masculino, femenino
    • In America she worked with the greats of jazz, people like Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong.
    • She has never envied the success of country music's greats.
    • She has that effortless way with a song that only the greats have.
    • But take a closer look and what you find is a fascinating contest between a shooting star and one of the game's fading greats.
    • We need TV favourites, film heroes, sporting greats and even cartoon characters.
    • Will they be the next generation of greats, or merely additions to forgotten celebrities of yesteryear?
    • Still the legacy of the greats of the West Indian game weighs heavy.
    • Like the literary greats of our time, history and politics ignite the imagination of this writer too.
    • He began his musical career as a jazz saxophonist, and committed himself to studying the be-bop greats.
    • Already assured of his place in golfing history, his third Masters success puts him alongside some of game's greats.
    • In so doing, he revived hopes that he can be a worthy successor to Scottish greats Jim Watt and Ken Buchanan.
    • We talk to Jimmy Magee about the footballing greats, his commentating heroes, and those pigeons of peace
    • Like any boxer, even the greats like Ali, Frazier, Sugar Ray and Joe Louis, he has been physically battered in the ring.
    • Most jazz greats rose to fame in the 50s, and are well into their 70s today.
    • Taking his cue from these greats he developed to become perhaps the busiest pianist on the London jazz scene for the past 40 years.
    • The names may be less familiar than those of the Scottish greats in whose footsteps they follow.
    • What followed, however, was a spell of fast bowling of such fury and direction that it resembled some of the former West Indian greats.
    • The respect given to me by every cricketer I've come across, some of them the real greats, means more to me than anything else.
    • For almost its first century, junior football was where most Scottish football greats kick-started their career.
    • I'm uplifted by good reggae, but also old music like jazz, and the greats like Nat King Cole.
  • 2

    (important people)
    the great la gente importante


  • 1

    fenomenal coloquial
    • We got along great when we were dating, living together, and even MUCH better once we got married.
    • They played great in all their matches.
    • I think he did great in this, it's a big film to walk into.
    • We got along great and there was a hint of attraction.
    • There were a few mess ups, which was to be expected, but overall she did great.