Translation of greatly in Spanish:


enormemente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈɡreɪtli/

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    (admire/fear/improve/increase) enormemente
    (admire/fear/improve/increase) mucho
    greatly concerned profundamente preocupado
    • she was greatly influenced by Eliot estuvo influida en gran medida por Eliot
    • the quality is greatly superior la calidad es muy superior
    • Numerological significance can greatly add to the power of the runes when used in magic.
    • The Greenland climate is greatly influenced by the amount of heat released by the sea.
    • There is also the greatly increased pollution these measures are known to create.
    • As the weight of traffic has greatly increased I find this should be a necessity now.
    • Thoughts on any suitable strategies or war stories would be greatly appreciated.
    • If you could find a moment to mention it on your journal, I'd greatly appreciate it.
    • The fabric of the building must have suffered greatly from the recent extremes of weather.
    • One could tell she had greatly admired the skills of other sportsmen and women.
    • This was a beautiful, moving film and the music contributed greatly to its power.
    • I respect you greatly and very much admire what you have achieved in so many places.
    • This picture was greatly admired by the King of France who above all else was a lover of art.
    • The performance of this play in the following year greatly increased his notoriety.
    • The other essential is a pond, which greatly increases the diversity of garden life.
    • It was then I noticed exactly who was working the door, and it shocked me greatly.
    • Mary was very much at the centre of the family circle and she will be greatly missed by all.
    • Other maintenance jobs which will greatly improve the look of your lawn can also be done in spring.
    • After that his manners greatly improved, and he became very fond of their dog, Timmy.
    • An honest ability in the maintenance of small things is greatly to be respected.
    • It will greatly enhance the ability of public health staff to deal with future incidents.
    • I greatly regret not allowing something to happen which would have been good for both of us.