Translation of greed in Spanish:


gula, n.

Pronunciation /ɡrid/ /ɡriːd/

Definition of gula in Spanish


  • 1

    (for food)
    gula feminine
    glotonería feminine
    angurria feminine Southern Cone
    • His greed and love of power, are of course, allowed to run in parallel by the laws of compulsory purchase.
    • It has only bred and encouraged a race for greed and amassing wealth at the cost of the sufferers.
    • In our age, the men who shake the planet for their own power and greed are called corrupters.
    • It just looked like greed and a wilful desire to drive the few remaining little shops out of business.
    • Such places are more gourmand than gourmet, tied up with the wrong kind of greed and a vulgar desire to impress.
    • They must be made aware of the troubles that they cause by their own selfish greed.
    • It is bad for our province and makes a laughing stock of us when greed and power appear to be the cause.
    • Once more, greed has been allowed to take precedence over any regard for health and beauty.
    • In an era dominated by greed and selfishness, they acted with phenomenal selflessness.
    • Although legend has made her an icon of female lust, her chief vice was greed.
    • He was fuelled by his greed, with no conscious thoughts except for gaining his desire.
    • The story is one of family; the bond between brothers put to the test by a terrible act of violence and greed.
    • Some say the war is fuelled by greed more than politics, and will never end.
    • Hundreds of beautiful blooms are lost forever, perhaps mostly because of greed.
    • Because of corporate greed elsewhere, he may not be able to get his idea to the market.
    • But the worse bit is, he is a victim of the stupidity and greed of the parents of those young boys.
    • You are meant to be helping us and not just serving the developers and greed and money.
    • It's not difficult, use some common sense and purchase for need and not for greed.
    • On top of that there are the human factors of greed, vanity or just plain ignorance that can creep in.
    • Yet what holds the play together is a sense of disloyalty and unscrupulous greed.
  • 2

    (for power, money)
    codicia feminine
    avaricia feminine