Translation of gregarious in Spanish:


sociable, adj.

Pronunciation /ɡrəˈɡɛriəs/ /ɡrɪˈɡɛːrɪəs/

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  • 1

    (person/personality) sociable
    • Even though she was so gregarious and loved to chat, she also liked to listen.
    • He is naturally gregarious, and the work obviously suits him.
    • Being in the public eye doesn't necessarily mean you're gregarious.
    • He's gregarious and tactile, always ready with a cuddle and a chuckle.
    • For example, although she was gregarious, she avoided social gatherings in which there was too much gossip, observing that such conversation was at best unhelpful.
    • I'm reasonably happy with my own company, but I'm naturally gregarious so I think that three months would be my limit on the island.
    • I'm gregarious up to a point and then I have to have total solitude for at least two days.
    • He was gregarious, delighting in conversation, good food, wine, and, of course, malt whisky.
    • Sociable, friendly and gregarious, Beatrice enjoyed the social life provided in her parish in London and made many friends.
    • He was always a gregarious and sociable person and loved to set up opportunities for people from all walks of life to come together.
    • Although most people characterise O'Kane as extremely sociable and gregarious, he is also described as ‘a workaholic’.
    • But it is worth exploring - Gambians are gregarious and hospitable people, and the smiles and greetings offered to foreigners are completely genuine.
    • These are by and large a generous, friendly and gregarious bunch.
    • I am a fairly gregarious person, but I am quite comfortable in my own company.
    • Richard was a gregarious person and he thought Edinburgh was the most perfect place because you could party 24 hours a day.
    • Rose is outgoing and gregarious; he remembers names easily and thrives in social situations.
    • He was known throughout the region as a hospitable and gregarious host.
    • Despite his gregarious nature, and being famed for his generous hospitality - his New Year's Eve parties are legendary - he lives alone in London.
    • He's actually a lot more gregarious and outgoing than most people i knew at that age- and more willing to talk to people who are not at all like him.
    • However, Nick, a gregarious chap, had young friends who were in the hospitality industry who suggested that being a hotelier would be more to his liking.
  • 2

    (animal/instinct) gregario
    • Many of these raptor species are gregarious, which accounts for impressively large flocks of impressively large birds.
    • Western Grebes are highly gregarious in all seasons, wintering in large flocks and nesting in colonies.
    • Rheas are gregarious in habit, and tend to live in flocks ranging in size from 5-30 individuals.
    • Although they are frequently found in pairs, broadbills also tend to be quite gregarious and are often found in small feeding flocks.
    • The social system of pikas varies considerably among species, ranging from solitary individuals to large, gregarious colonies.
    • Old World sparrows are highly gregarious; they often roost and breed communally and form feeding flocks.
    • American White Pelicans are highly gregarious and breed in large, dense colonies.
    • Locusts can exist in two different behavioral states, solitary and gregarious, whereas grasshoppers generally do not.
    • Common hippos are gregarious, live in herds, and are well adapted to life in the water.
    • Caspian Terns are less gregarious than other terns, nesting in smaller colonies, although this is changing in Washington.
    • Eared Grebes are typically gregarious in nesting season, living in colonies that sometimes number thousands of individuals.
    • Other evidence, though, suggests tyrannosaurs were gregarious.
    • Gray Jays are gregarious and are often found in family groups.
    • Some pipits and wagtails are solitary, and others are gregarious.
    • Black-crowned Night-herons are gregarious at all times of the year, and are often seen in very large groups.
    • During the winter, they are gregarious, feeding in small groups.
    • They are fairly gregarious, but will sometimes gather in groups separate from the other rock shorebirds.
    • They are gregarious throughout the year, with the exception of the laying and incubation period.
    • They are more gregarious during the spawning season when they congregate in large groups.
    • Snowy Plovers breed in loose colonies, and they are gregarious in winter.