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molinillo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɡraɪndər/ /ˈɡrʌɪndə/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(machine)

      molinillo masculino
      a coffee grinder un molinillo de café
      • Hand grinders or spice mills range from $15 to $60 and can be purchased at most culinary stores.
      • The company recently unveiled a state-of-the-art assembly plant in which to assemble stainless steel pumps, grinders and other major equipment.
      • Tip them into an electric grinder - or use a mortar and pestle - and grind until coarse.
      • Some tyre companies solve this by using a wire brush, or worse a grinder, to smooth rough areas on the wheel, but this removes metal, which weakens the wheel and is not recommended for safety.
      • The machine pushes the tree down, and then the grinder mulches it.
      • The spokesman said: ‘We had to use axle grinders to cut the metal open.’
      • The trucks carry the oil sands from the mine to the grinders.
      • Laurie was an employee of Scott Paper Company, Sheet Harbour for many years, working on the grinders.
      • Among the huge haul of tools taken from Mr Walker's farm were two chainsaws, jacks, grinders and spanners.
      • Coffee grinders are cheap, the time taken is minimal and the results are wonderful.
      • The grinder can be found in high-end design stores worldwide, further attesting to its appeal.
      • Please note that most grinders are tested at the manufacturer and coffee grounds may be found in the grinder as a result.
      • Quality coffee grinders are essential equipment to any coffee lover's kitchen.
      • Using a meat grinder fitted with the large die, grind pork mixture.
      • An electric meat grinder may cost $100 or more.
      • "Here's the electric coffee grinder, sweetheart, " I pointed out, coming up behind her.
      • Each table has a flower and a candle and your own black pepper grinder.
      • In a spice grinder, pulverize red pepper flakes and juniper to a powder.
      • Grind all the ingredients together in a spice grinder or with a mortar and pestle.
      • Grind the leg meat through a grinder fitted with the medium die attachment and set aside.

    • 1.2(person)

      a knife grinder un afilador

  • 2

    muela femenino
    • It was a quadruped, gramnivorous, with 40 teeth, namely 24 grinders, 4 eye teeth and 12 incisive.
    • In Philadelphia, Dr. Caspar Wistar, the nation's foremost anatomist, showed Lewis the animal's giant grinders.