There are 2 main translations of ground in Spanish

: ground1ground2


terreno, n.

Pronunciation /ɡraʊnd/

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  • 1

    (land, terrain)
    terreno masculine
    marshy ground terreno pantanoso
    • high ground terreno elevado
    • a patch of ground un área de terreno
    • While in the air, he watched as a tractor pulling a plow cut a dark line of earth across an expanse of ground.
    • In 1757, he leased a back house and some ground adjoining his premises on Cork Hill.
    • Grass surpluses have developed on grazing ground on many farms at present following recent good growth.
    • On the way it swept through 1,500 acres of ground, including 600 acres of regenerating forest.
    • The new school will be built on 26 acres of ground specially set aside for the purpose in Garcia Street.
    • It means the amount of water needed to cover an acre of ground to the depth of one foot.
    • That this road was atop a ridge equally suggests its origin at a time when lower ground, to the east, was marshy and impassable.
    • Your lawn is only a small piece of land, but all the lawns across the country cover a lot of ground.
    • He stood by the small patch of ground that was usually their garden for the year and watched the sun come up.
    • Just before a cottage, go right at a green marker-post and follow a path across marshy ground to a gate in the fence to your right.
    • Cross marshy ground to a cairn, and after 300 yards you will reach the trig point on top of Auchineden Hill.
    • Houses included piled structures with stone hearths set in marshy ground.
    • These birds take refuge in hedges and wooded areas and at dusk fly out to feed in marshy ground.
    • He grabbed her and they fell together on the soft ground surrounding the fountain in the center of the court yard.
    • The ceremony had to be held on bare ground: the earth connection was essential.
    • Sandy soils have higher albedos than clays; dry ground has a higher albedo than damp.
    • I did a lot of individual work with her, which in many ways was like trying to break in a piece of clay ground for farming.
    • She landed in the moist ground, sobbing, and wishing that the car would turn around.
    • That gave their heavy stone foundations time to settle into the porous clay ground.
    • The dirt and concrete ground was slick from a recent rain and was littered with garbage.
    • On sloping ground, soil can slip downwards at an imperceptibly slow rate by a process known as lateral creep.
    • One landed with a smash into the rocky ground, lodging his feet deep underneath the surface.
    • Suppose the ball lands not on level ground, but deep in the stands or off a facade.
    • We are buried in holy ground, he says, because we come from earth and return there.
  • 2grounds plural

    (premises) terreno masculine
    (gardens) jardines masculine
    (gardens) parque masculine
    • The building, the grounds and surrounding area are untidy.
    • In contrast to the grounds surrounding the house, this area had been neatly trimmed and landscaped.
    • During their weeding and cleaning the pupils also learned much about the horticulture of the grounds surrounding the church buildings.
    • By 11: 00 P.M. the entire house and the grounds surrounding it were packed with people.
    • Diana had to smile at the notion that the vast grounds surrounding the house could be considered a ‘yard’.
    • The grounds which surround this house have been immaculately kept and are not overlooked in any way.
    • People are barred from transporting directly into the building or the grounds surrounding - it is a security hazard.
    • Before that it operated from a mobile building in the school grounds but that land had to be sold off and the pre-school moved inside the school.
    • This turned out to be a very corporate looking boardroom crammed full with swivel chairs - a far cry from the acres and acres of the lush green grounds surrounding the manor.
    • Set in 3,500 acres of woodland grounds, it has lots of beautiful walks as well as a nine-hole golf course, an all-weather tennis court and a croquet lawn.
    • Set in nearly six acres of grounds, the nine-bedroom house boasts a leisure annexe, with indoor swimming pool and games room, a vaulted wine cellar, and billiard room.
    • When the club moved to its present grounds in the 1930s, large trees were cleared by the local cricket team from the centre of what was at the time the private grounds of Manor House.
    • The property has spacious grounds and is surrounded by mature trees.
    • Specifically, the community wants a major expansion to the airport terminal building and surrounding grounds, including a small parking lot.
    • Controversial plans for a five-bedroom house in the grounds of a listed Broadway building have been approved - despite opposition from neighbours.
    • Plans to build 35 houses in the grounds of a former school in a conservation area are likely to go ahead despite objections from residents.
    • The building stands in six acres of grounds, offering play areas for children as well as conference facilities.
    • A patrol gathered before a grand old manor house on the grounds.
    • A large public park will be included in the 500-acre grounds of Abbotstown House.
    • A big selling point will be the extensive grounds that surround the house.
  • 3

    (surface of the earth) suelo masculine
    (soil) tierra feminine
    (conditions) (before noun) del terreno
    (personnel/support) de tierra
    (attack) por tierra
    we sat on the ground nos sentamos en el suelo
    • the ground was too hard to dig la tierra estaba demasiado dura para cavar
    • the eagle was soaring high above the ground el águila volaba a gran altura
    • the ball ran along the ground la pelota rodó por el suelo
    • to fall/drop to the ground caer al suelo
    • to crash to the ground estrellarse contra el suelo
    • the house burned to the ground la casa quedó reducida a cenizas
    • the village was razed to the ground el pueblo fue arrasado totalmente
    • the pilot was waiting for intructions from the ground el piloto estaba a la espera de instrucciones de tierra
    • I wished the ground would open up and swallow me hubiera querido que la tierra me tragara
    • their ground game is suspect sus pases bajos son bastante flojos
    • In spring you kill the vetch by simply cutting it close to the ground, and then lay it in place on the beds.
    • He froze and lay close to the ground, his entire body choked up with uncontrollable fear.
    • Light rails are too buslike to impress most commuters, too squished and close to the ground.
    • You know, most accidents occur in and around airports when you're close to the ground.
    • Her fast footwork was accentuated by her bent knees, which kept her body close to the ground.
    • The coum has a very short flower, with leaves that sit on the surface of the ground.
    • Because the train was so small, and we were so close to the ground, and we were straddling the train, it felt like we were going fast.
    • The grave had clearly not been touched since the day she was laid in the ground - probably some time in the late 800s.
    • On one hand, helicopters are more maneuverable over a target and can get closer to the ground.
    • Both humans dropped to the ground, and lay stunned for a space of time barely measurable.
    • On the ground nearby lay a picture, a knight in shining armor drawn carefully in crayon.
    • He lay down in the exact center of the circle, keeping close to the ground in order to escape the heat.
    • She slumped down to the ground, laying on her side, and tried not to move too much.
    • Eventually my head started to slowly gravitate toward the ground as my eyes closed.
    • They also burrow and lay their eggs in the ground, helping to maintain healthy soil structure.
    • I crumpled to the ground where I lay muttering to myself about all the things I did wrong in my life.
    • The new law keeps finds together as they were originally laid in the ground.
    • Together, they soared over the fence, and landed with a muddy squelch onto the ground.
    • The crocuses are above ground in the garden and the birds are singing with all their beautiful hearts.
  • 4

    (matter, subject)
    it is impossible to cover all the ground in two lectures es imposible desarrollar todos los aspectos del tema en dos conferencias
    • we covered a lot of ground in our discussions tratamos muchos puntos en nuestras conversaciones
    • we're going over the same ground again estamos volviendo sobre lo mismo
  • 5

    (outdoor site)
    football ground campo de fútbol
    • United has not been beaten on its own ground this season United no ha perdido en casa esta temporada
    • camping ground zona de acampada
    • testing / proving ground campo de pruebas
  • 6US

    tierra feminine
    (terminal/wire) (before noun) de tierra
    a connection to ground una conexión a tierra
  • 7

    fondo masculine
    on a yellow ground sobre fondo amarillo
  • 8

    motivo masculine
    grounds for concern motivos de preocupación
    • grounds for divorce causal de divorcio
    • on legal/financial grounds por motivos legales/económicos
    • on grounds of ill health por motivos de salud
    • there are grounds for thinking / believing he's dead existen razones para pensar / creer que ha muerto
    • they refused to do it, on the grounds that … se negaron a hacerlo, alegando / aduciendo que …
    • That may give them grounds for a constitutional challenge on the grounds of equality and of guarantees not to endow any religion.
    • But in a case such as the present where the bad faith of the plaintiff is not alleged, I can see no basis for the implication of a representation of reasonable grounds for belief.
    • However, interest-based financing systems can neither be justified on the grounds of efficiency nor on the basis of economic justice.
    • The evidential burden for restraining property is even lower - all the government needs is ‘reasonable grounds for belief’.
    • One of Nietzsche's prime targets in this respect is Kant who, like a good modernist, attempted to give, as far as is possible, rational grounds for our ordinary beliefs and for morality.
    • There is no need for the officer to show reasonable grounds for his belief that the powers are needed.
    • Fostering hatred or advocating violence to further a set of beliefs will become grounds for deportation.
    • Their objective isn't to change people's beliefs, but to provide good grounds for belief.
    • Is such a policy justified on the grounds of protecting choice when these schools exclude most children because of the size of the fees they charge?
    • But amid the huge attention given to the poor performance of the main opposition parties, there are factors that give grounds for real concern.
    • Zero tolerance is commonly justified on the grounds of children's safety.
    • The police did not have an honest belief in the grounds for his arrest.
    • I see no grounds for reducing the basis of the award of costs in favour of the claimants.
    • To me this seems highly implausible on both notational and musical grounds.
    • Some independent observers see grounds to question the sell-offs.
    • This case is the one encountered herein, and therefore the method used to code the outgroup stands on solid theoretical grounds.
    • On our side we have very, very solid legal grounds.
    • I wonder if there are some solid legal grounds on which I could sue them?
    • It has been resisted on two substantial grounds.
    • This group continues to make assertions without grounds or substantive proof.
  • 9grounds plural

    coffee grounds posos de café

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(base)

      (argument/theory) fundar
      (argument/theory) cimentar
      the events showed our fears to be well grounded los acontecimientos revelaron que nuestros temores eran fundados / justificados
      • The brilliant synthesis was grounded in his own practical experience.
      • This radical political practice was grounded in an equally radical theology.
      • The music is soulful while being grounded in the aesthetic and working practices of jazz.
      • Its function is not disembodied or abstracted from the socio-cultural, but grounded in it.
      • A duly constituted tribunal would be firmly grounded in a core democratic value: the rule of law.
      • Their evangelism has no hope of success, because it is not grounded in the reality of what a university has to be to function.
      • Some are grounded in the needs of those selling the technology.
      • This policy must be grounded in the examination of independent metrics and is not viable without this rigor.
      • Like most approaches grounded in irrationality, this one hasn't worked either.
      • If judgment means anything, it has to be grounded in at least a minimum amount of knowledge.
      • Some may say that this is rather ethereal, and not grounded in precise observation or description.
      • His vision of what was possible is obviously grounded in reality he'd experienced elsewhere.
      • Much of contemporary architectural thinking is grounded in a polemic against modernism and even classicism.
      • The explanation is grounded in the notion that natural laws are the principle of a natural activity that constitutes a myth.
      • That's lesson number two in the school of love; true love is always to be grounded in knowledge.
      • No matter how outlandish and farcical some of the events become everything remains firmly grounded in a sense of reality.
      • His tunes were still pretty, his riffs still grounded in classic guitar rock.
      • After all, his career path during the 1960s was firmly grounded in academia.
      • Why should this portrait in particular be grounded in this reality?
      • The law is not just a formal dispute resolution system but something which is grounded in morality.

    • 1.2(instruct)

      to ground sb in sth dar a algn buenos conocimientos / una buena base de algo

      • he is well grounded in German

  • 2

    • 2.1

      (plane) retirar del servicio
      all flights are grounded on account of fog debido a la niebla no despegará ningún vuelo
      • the captain will be grounded until after the investigation el capitán permanecerá apartado de su cargo hasta una vez finalizada la investigación
      • He had been praised for a mission where he rescued injured youngsters in atrocious flying conditions which had grounded every other aircraft.
      • Some flights to the US could be grounded after the airline pilots' union called on its members not to fly with armed sky marshals on board.
      • He said the airline has grounded the pilot with pay while executives investigate the incident.
      • The move comes three weeks after the airline was forced to ground its aircraft in a row over leasing payments.
      • Along with bankrupt airlines cutting their fleets, other airlines are also grounding inefficient aircraft, as well.
      • We grounded crop-dusting aircraft for a couple of days.
      • British Airways said it anticipated ‘quite a number of disrupted and cancelled flights’ and other carriers said aircraft would be grounded.
      • Our local aeronautic genius and his resurrected aircraft remain grounded by today's tough aviation standards, but he's still aiming high.
      • Strong winds grounded firefighting aircraft and drove the fires toward the resort towns in the mountains.
      • If so, the pilot is grounded temporarily until he completes the physical.
      • If there are any doubts at all then the model or pilot is grounded.
      • After several years of highly expensive flight training, he ‘failed to accomplish’ his flight medical exam, grounding himself as a pilot.
      • But their disappointment turned to rage when a tannoy announcement revealed that the flight had had to be grounded because the aircraft hadn't got diplomatic clearance to land in Mexico.
      • It was feared that the aircraft would be grounded after EU regulations put it in the weight category of an airliner, increasing its insurance five-fold.
      • The pilot should be grounded for such crazy antics.
      • If we can't ground an aircraft that's in Europe and not flying much, we might as well give up.
      • Due to back orders of the test sets caused by high usage rates, four aircraft were grounded.
      • The pilots had earlier picketed the roundabout at the entrance to the airport as the company's board met to decide whether aircraft should be grounded on Sunday.
      • Last year all 291 Sea Knights in US service were grounded after a crack was discovered in a rotor blade in one of them.
      • I found out that wasn't possible; all planes have been grounded and we were stuck for five more days in Italy.

    • 2.2mainly US informal

      I can't go out tonight; I'm grounded no puedo salir esta noche, estoy castigado / no me dejan
      • Being grounded by your parents will be treated as an unexcused absence.
      • I was kicked out of the altar serving program and I was grounded by my parents for a good month.
      • The social ostracism extends to grounding the child or even making him go to bed early.
      • His parents grounded him and sought therapy for him.
      • Something in me fired up, and I was almost glad that my parents had grounded me.
      • They suspended her for two weeks and her parents grounded her for a whole month.
      • Since the bridge incident, his mother had grounded him and made him work at home painting and gardening.
      • My dad grounded me for a month when he'd found out.
      • He knew that I was grounded about three times a week for the lamest stuff but he always tried to get me to do things with him anyway.
      • You're not grounded, you're not busted, and you're not chained to a desk in class.
      • I grounded him and stopped his spends - I did everything I could possibly do.
      • I disobeyed this rule once, and was found out - the only time in my life I was ever grounded.
      • Fine, but this better be good, or else I'm grounding you for a month.
      • It means all you care about is grounding me whenever I do something you think is wrong.
      • They'll solve that problem quickly enough by coming home a bit later this morning and finding the house a mess and grounding him for the next year.
      • If Theo wanted independence, Henry grounded him.
      • Well, I'll explain it further later, but the shorter version is that I'm grounded.
      • She grounded me, and told me I had to come over and apologise.
      • He was grounded, so he couldn't skateboard at Chris's.
      • ‘I want you to call them now or you're going to be grounded the whole time you're at the beach,’ Mom said.

  • 3

    (ship) hacer encallar
    • Initially it seems that the ship is grounded as solidly as a breakwater, but after a while the creaks and groans are evidence of movement, however slight this may be.
    • Yesterday, salvors were also hard at work on the cargo ship Sagitarius, which is grounded on the rocks off Leaches Bay.
    • If river levels sink too low, barges could be grounded and agriculture thrown into chaos.
    • But too late; before they could do anything, the ship grounded on Dutchman's Bank, about two miles from Puffin Island.
    • In 1770 the ship grounded on the Great Barrier Reef, and after frantic efforts to save the ship, it was beached and repaired over the course of several weeks before resuming her voyage.
    • Kirkwall lifeboat and the ferry Eynhallow went to the aid of a boat that grounded on Wyre skerry on Saturday.
    • The boat grounded, and although two tugs were requisitioned they failed to move her.
  • 4

    (ball) (in US football, rugby) poner en tierra
    (ball) (in baseball) hacer rodar
    he grounded the ball to short (stop) bateó un roletazo al short stop
    • However replays showed his foot went into touch as he grounded the ball.
    • The irony is that he would have been two strokes better off had he not been penalised for grounding his club in a bunker during Thursday's first round.
    • However, he made no attempt to ground the ball and ran touch in goal for what should have been a certain try.
    • The Wasps played probably their best stuff of the season and crossed the try-line four times, only to see one try disallowed for a forward pass and two more ruled out for not grounding the ball.
    • Trapped behind their own 22 for longer than desired, Carlow were only recovering from that blow when the ball was grounded behind their line in less than two minutes.
    • The batter grounded out, shortstop to first, and the runner from second rounded third and attempted to score on the play.
    • He started Game 6 at first base and grounded out to first in his only at-bat.
    • He ended the inning by grounding out to third.
    • Johnson grounded out to end the inning, but the Yanks now led 3-1.
    • The second one I hit and grounded out to the first baseman.
  • 5US

    conectar a tierra
    • The method further includes contacting the second metallization layer with a conductive liquid that is electrically grounded.
    • And since this pipe extended a considerable distance below ground, it served as an adequate basis for grounding the entire electrical system.
    • The spark plugs must be grounded to complete the electrical circuit.
    • The part to be finished is electrically grounded.
    • The third prong is there because the appliance must be grounded to avoid electric shock.
    • He sensed that a patient had excess energy, so he grounded the patient's big toe to a drainpipe with copper wire, and - lo and behold - it worked!
    • Rather than attempt a comprehensive overview, I restrict myself to some observations on the different kinds of grounding devices.
    • If I'm riding my bike during a lightning storm, will the tires keep me grounded?

intransitive verb

  • 1


There are 2 main translations of ground in Spanish

: ground1ground2


Pronunciation /ɡraʊnd/

past tense

past participle


  • 1

    (coffee/pepper) molido
    ground rice sémola de arroz
    • This is not always necessary as some butchers sell finely ground mince.
    • Richworth produce a fine ground up trout pellet that is ideal for my purposes.
    • Remove from the oven, dry on paper towels and then toss them in the cumin, chilli and salt and freshly ground pepper.
    • We like to see the tiny flakes of finely ground pepper in the jelly.
    • It involves ground ginger, brown sugar, cloves, water, port and wine.
    • Place all other ingredients including the ground seeds into the mixing bowl and combine well
    • For a milder flavour replace chilli powder with ground paprika.
    • Fold in the ground almonds and baking powder and combine well.
    • He offered it lettuce and then mango and then ground pork from the supermarket.
    • Pour into each mug, and serve with cinnamon sticks or sprinkle with ground cinnamon.
    • Feed the plant each day for the next 7 days by adding one teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of ground ginger.
    • Season with salt and freshly ground pepper, add the parsley and stir gently.
    • Put in a large bowl and season with sea salt and freshly ground pepper.
    • Grainy items, such as ground beef or rice, may irritate the pharynx and cause choking.
    • Actually consisting of finely ground dates, it contains all the fruits' nutrients and minerals.
    • The product consisted of finely ground pork spiced with salt, sugar, and other flavourings.