Translation of ground-to-air in Spanish:


tierra-aire, adj.

Pronunciation /ɡraʊndtuːˈɛː/


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    (missile/rocket/attack) (invariable adjective) tierra-aire
    • There are no heavy machine guns, no anti-aircraft guns, no ground-to-air missiles, not even rocket-propelled grenades.
    • There is a perceived threat of ground-to-air capability by the enemy.
    • The ground-to-air missiles, according to Jane's Defence, are "obsolescent" with "more propaganda than practical value".
    • The ability to destroy or suppress the plethora of ground-to-air threats constitutes another strength.
    • He was then given command of the RAF's first Bloodhound ground-to-air missile squadron.
    • Once exposed, the stealth aircraft would be easy prey for convential ground-to-air missiles.
    • He activated ground-to-air missile systems to deter inspection flights.
    • The statement, the authenticity of which could not be verified, said the plane was hit "head on" with a ground-to-air SAM - 7 missile.
    • The enemy will use asymmetric means to counter American aerospace power, including concealment among the population, constant movement, and portable ground-to-air weapons.
    • A Board of Inquiry found that hostile ground-to-air fire had caused an explosion in the right-hand wing tank which tore part of the wing away, causing the crash.
    • Those flares are designed in case it's a ground-to-air missile that it takes the missiles off their targets.
    • "There is no indication that we have seen that the enemy is employing any form of advanced ground-to-air missile," he said.
    • Air threats will be countered by ground-to-air missiles and by Canadian fighter jet patrols.
    • Third, even if you have a rough idea of where the plane might be, it is still far from "easy prey for convential ground-to-air missiles".
    • Ground-to-air small arms fire pierced one of the craft's tanks, which exploded, blowing off a wing.
    • The Royal Artillery (the drop-shorts to us infanteers) has been using a ground-to-air missile called Javelin for donkeys years.
    • Nine RAF personnel and one soldier died when their Hercules transport plane was hit by ground-to-air fire, causing an explosion in one of its fuel tanks.
    • The force will have to confront groups that are very well equipped, notably with ground-to-air missiles and armoured vehicles.
    • All the aircraft will have "passive receiving" sensors that will pick up signals if a ground-to-air missile like the SAM or Stinger or even an air-to-air missile (from another aircraft) is fired at it.