Translation of grouping in Spanish:


colocación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡrupɪŋ/ /ˈɡruːpɪŋ/

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    colocación feminine
    modo de agrupar masculine
    • Although this traditional grouping is geographically convenient, it may obscure a far more complex picture of interrelationships.
    • The value of disciplinary grouping is that, at least at its best, people with real and specific competence are in control.
    • Cooperative learning techniques, including heterogeneous grouping, are a central component of this approach to developing literacy skills.
    • Using study units served to focus the interviews and facilitated the identification and grouping of activities and concerns in each of the coastal areas.
    • For example, cooperative grouping and greater use of discussion have been used successfully in classrooms with large numbers of students.
    • Our curriculum can develop such connections precisely because we, not the textbook authors, manage the ordering and grouping of topics.
    • In peacetime, the navy's warships are deployed in groups of the same class ship at one base or patrol area, which is called administrative grouping.
    • The third factor or grouping accounted for seven percent of the variance is best described as traditional outreach skills.
    • The order of presentation of the speakers was constructed to avoid grouping of similar accents, gender and appearances.
    • Other fields in the line table facilitate grouping of the line records by corporate history or geographic relationships.
    • Maybe it's because that grouping of people is so out of context these days… or that they look so gentrified almost, so adult, so grown up, so not rock starish.
    • Why not promote counting by grouping of small numbers of objects?
    • Unlike men's social grouping, women's groups and social activities are scarce.
    • The end result is a clean hierarchical grouping and usage of business processes, as services, without the redundant and confusing technology of prior approaches.
    • Previous taxonomic groupings were based largely on single characters.
  • 2

    agrupación feminine
    • That there are factional groupings within the Liberals comes as no surprise.
    • They were also the focal point of the community, bringing people together to form new social groupings.
    • It can lead to extremists and it can lead to humans bonding together in extreme groupings and it can also lead to mistrust on a grand scale.
    • Some of the more ambitious regional economic groupings are striving to become a common market.
    • Our leaders, from both major political groupings, are turning us into a nation of thugs.
    • They form complex social groupings, grow relatively slowly, and have low reproductive rates.
    • They were also the focal point of the community, bringing people together to form new social groupings.
    • Once again, the significant elements are to be sought inside the major social groupings.
    • Women's groupings of all types provide important vehicles for social organization and action.
    • They strike from anywhere, out of all sorts of formations and personnel groupings.
    • Who plays when will be determined by the personnel groupings and the type of plays called.
    • In many cases organizations representing particular nationality groupings have been set up initially with a social function.
    • Stores are geared to particular teen styles and niches, or tighter age groupings.
    • Among men this pattern is stable and consistent in the three youngest age groupings.
    • In 1984, its original five members invited Brunei to join the grouping.
    • Two more nations hope to join the grouping in 2007.
    • The search parameters let you create your own unique groupings and sort them in various ways.
    • What we know after today is that we are the only grouping in this Parliament that cares about this nation.
    • Whether these are in widely different subjects, or whether they just stay within the confines of a traditional subject grouping, is yet to be resolved.
    • In the years since, no adequate explanation has ever emerged to explain why one so clearly adrift of the classic criminologist's socioeconomic homicidal grouping should have behaved as he did.