Translation of guidance in Spanish:


orientación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡaɪdəns/ /ˈɡʌɪd(ə)ns/

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    orientación feminine
    vocational/spiritual guidance orientación profesional/espiritual
    • the child lacked parental guidance el niño carecía de orientación por parte de los padres
    • he needs guidance necesita que lo orienten / lo aconsejen
    • she sought guidance from the parish priest le pidió consejo al párroco
    • guidance counselor orientador vocacional
    • Central government circulars also contain advice and guidance to local authorities.
    • Businesses in each area can go to their home authority for preventive guidance and advice.
    • The teachers at the school have also been very helpful in giving us advice and guidance.
    • This person is someone whom you should be able to look to for advice and guidance.
    • Offering advice and guidance via the quarterly newsletter would be a good start.
    • She gives advice, guidance, help, and motivation to her students at City College.
    • The Authority has issued guidance, which is under review, on the making of applications.
    • It should go some of the way to help fill the void in providing useful and high quality careers advice and guidance.
    • It is not an attempt to find fault but to help through mentoring and providing guidance and advice.
    • Her work was supervised by a tutor, whom she visited regularly for advice and guidance.
    • The result is that there is no remotely authoritative guidance on how we should live within society.
    • It is difficult to find clear guidance on how much time doctors should spend talking to relatives.
    • We want step-by-step guidance on this recommendation if we are to explore it further.
    • If you want to receive a little bit of guidance, I suggest you look to the individual lists.
    • Evelyn was always glad to lend advice and encouragement to all who sought her guidance.
    • The fact that we have to contend with is that both sides could appeal to the Bible for enlightenment and guidance.
    • Rater training was absent, and guidance consisted of short written instructions.
    • That guidance is in a different format from the earlier guidance to which I have referred.
    • A man or a woman of little intelligence in a backward country needs spiritual guidance.
    • The role of males is changing and we find men are often looking for a sense of purpose and some guidance.