Translation of gulf in Spanish:


golfo, n.

Pronunciation /ɡəlf/ /ɡʌlf/


  • 1

    golfo masculine
    the Gulf of Mexico el Golfo de México
    • the Persian Gulf el Golfo Pérsico
    • the Gulf War la guerra del Golfo
    • Gulf War syndrome síndrome de la guerra del Golfo
  • 2

    abismo masculine
    to bridge the gulf salvar el abismo
    • Just pointing out that there's a wide gulf of difference between the scientific theory of evolution and the way evolutionary dogma gets perceived by the masses.
    • The activities of these aggressive and communal forces further widen the gulf between different communities.
    • The two sides remain sharply polarised, and periodic attempts to bridge the wide gulf between them have fizzled out.
    • Talks between the two sides took place over the holiday season, but little progress was made in bridging the wide gulf between the sides.
    • There used to be a wide gulf between the greater publishing, academic and multilingual communities.
    • But at a deeper level, a wide gulf separates journalism from the conceptually more demanding task of writing history.
    • However, there is a wide gulf between constructive protest against injustice and the generally destructive practices of war.
    • Their tax cuts for the wealthy widened a gulf between rich and poor in this country that had already grown shockingly large.
    • And the generation gulf is set to widen as the number of pensioners in the area is expected to rise by 22 per cent in the next decade.
    • According to Mathews, this marked the demise of community-based education and the creation of a wide gulf between the citizenry and its public schools.
    • At the beginning of the twentieth century, philosophers still regarded humans as unique and assumed that a wide gulf separated us from the animal kingdom.
    • Poor training and difficult terrain between them limited the battlefield effectiveness of drill, and there was often a wide gulf between drillbook theory and tactical reality.
    • Given the wide gulf between the comparison of per capita income figure and the reality of living people, how meaningful is such a comparison?
    • Regional and local differences are not wholly irrelevant but class differences create greater gulfs in our society.
    • We talk about gulfs between divisions but I think there's a massive one between youth and reserve team football.
    • Sunderland may be challenging for promotion back to the Premiership, but the gulf between the two divisions was never more evident as Everton eased through virtually without breaking sweat.
    • Apart from the differences in style a gulf of experience also separates the two players.
    • The gulf between his differing cricketing spheres is not as marked as it first appears.
    • Far from resolving the social crisis confronting Maoris, the process widened the social gulf between rich and poor.
    • Far from ending poverty, these economic processes have only widened the gulf between rich and poor.