Traducción de gumption en español:


sentido común, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɡəmpʃ(ə)n/ /ˈɡʌm(p)ʃ(ə)n/


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    (common sense)
    sentido común masculino
    • They played with the spirit and gumption that made them world champions, resisting all temptation to throw in the towel or play for outright draws.
    • If Croydon Council hasn't got an accountant in its ranks or a commercially-minded businessman with a sense of gumption, I can provide one.
    • And then, if you have the imagination and gumption, you can stop just being at the receiving end of news.
    • I was a feckless young man, without direction, commonsense, or gumption.
    • Unbridled teenage gumption as practiced in the U.S., it seems, is the answer to all problems.
    • He should take enormous pride that his enthusiasm and gumption have turned Motherwell around in recent years.
    • It's about time someone outside the Religious Right got some media savvy and gumption.
    • That took gumption, not to mention good ole-fashioned American Ingenuity.
    • All it would take is a bit of gumption and a modicum of courage.
    • How much gumption does it take to pillory the malfeasant editors, reporters, and publisher who turned to compost ages ago?
    • Again, we are seeing nothing unusual here, except perhaps gumption.
    • But if the migrants bike from a poor country to our rich one, they are demonstrating not British gumption but foreign deviousness.
    • Working this out at home will permit you to schedule around it, and will give you enough gumption to face the chaos at the festival theatres.
    • Take a minute to deliver some well deserved applause for this kid, whose gumption we should all long to emulate.
    • I have known people well into their 70s who have more character and gumption than people a quarter of their years.
    • So beyond greed and gumption is opportunism, optimism… and some great success stories!
    • It sure takes some gumption to assemble a flatpack yacht.
    • Since then, despite showing terrific gumption to answer all the questions asked of them, they have not played teams of this calibre.
    • He has crossed the line, and we've got to have enough and gumption to stand up and say enough's enough.
    • I imagine the endless nights of winter and reflect on the strength and gumption required to survive in the dark and the cold.
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    (initiative, guts)
    agallas femenino coloquial