Traducción de gun en Español:


pistola, n.

Pronunciación /ɡən/ /ɡʌn/

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  • 1

    (pistol) pistola femenino
    (pistol) revólver masculino
    (shotgun, rifle) escopeta femenino
    (shotgun, rifle) fusil masculino
    (shotgun, rifle) rifle masculino
    (artillery piece) cañón masculino
    to draw / pull a gun on sb apuntar a algn con una pistola
  • 2starting gun

    (que da el disparo de salida) pistola femenino
    • On the extreme left, crouching low, its arms hanging near its feet, was an ape; it looked intent, like an athlete waiting for the gun to go off.
    • The tinkle of the bell as the door opens pistols me as though it were a starting gun.
    • Once they reveal who's in, the starting gun cracks on the biggest American sweepstake, with every office of two people or more stashing a few bucks on one of the entrants.
    • The starting gun sends camels bolting forth in a graceful blur, then a long-stride gallop that is as precise as a quarter-horse trot.
    • She would probably have won even more, but for being disqualified in 1995 for taking a step out of her lane just after the starting gun went.
    • It's as if we are waiting for a starting gun to signal us to go.
    • Fortunately, nations capable of running at the crack of the starting gun are providing the U.N. the time necessary to find its shoes.
    • The starting gun was sounded by Evan's grandfather James Tiernan.
    • As the starting gun barked out the release of pent-up energy, each triathlete fought for his or her personal space in the sea of bodies.
    • The news was like a starting gun to the physics world.
    • At drop off the teacher shoots a starting gun and I sprint from the building and peel out of the parking lot to go and do things.
    • No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.
    • Open moor to a horse is as good as a starting gun: they know the places they usually gallop, and most will gallop them whether you like it or not.
    • The Resurrection was the starting gun and the return of Christ is the final whistle.
    • The starting gun was sounded last week to launch the presidential election campaign in Chechnya.
    • The starting gun may not have been fired officially, but the election is under way.
    • The way-out wacky races with the finish line at the second Scottish parliament election on May 1 sees the starting gun fired with a busy September.
    • Last Saturday, the first race under the new name took place at Sparrows Den, in West Wickham, with Will's mother Jan firing the starting gun.
    • The race for the White House In just eight days, the starting gun will fire for America's presidential election 2000.
    • It will bring an end to the longest-running saga in the spirits sector but also fire the starting gun on another round of brand-swapping.
  • 3

    pistolero masculino
    pistolera femenino
    a hired gun un pistolero a sueldo
    • the fastest gun in the West el pistolero más rápido del Oeste
    • The place is badly broken down by the guns of the other party, so that unless they have hasty help, they are likely to lose both their lives and the place, which will be the greatest rebuke to you that ever came to any gentleman.
  • 4

    pistola femenino
    • Irrigation is available from a borehole and water is applied with a rain gun as required.
    • At a public hearing last week, speakers against the proposal outnumbered the supporters and criticized the use of traps and bolt guns as cruel.
    • We continue this Thurs evening, Nov 20, with a further portrait session, this time using members' own flash guns.

verbo transitivo gunning, gunned, gunned

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    they're gaining on us! gun this thing! ¡nos están alcanzando! ¡pisa a fondo! coloquial
    • He brakes once more, guns the engine a final time - and we race off across the roof of the Big Top, the floor dizzyingly far below, and come to a screaming stop, high above the ground on the far side.
    • He guns the engines, only to realise that the plane is too big to get through the hangar doors.
    • Then he was back in the cockpit, gunning the engine, pointing the nose up and soaring over the telephone wires.
    • Many of them, heedless of the no-wake zone that they were in, were gunning their engines, kicking up huge wakes as they headed straight for us.
    • The 30 mph limit was disregarded in the euphoria of being able to gun an engine again.
    • He guns the engine and gels away from them, sweeping up to the front door and locking up the brakes in a skid.
    • That afternoon, I must have driven the back roads for half an hour, and only after gunning the engine on the downhill stretch of Highway 10 and circling around our land on the gravel farm road did I remember Nate.
    • I whipped the Ferrari into the courtyard, gunning the engine.
    • She gave Erin a wave and, gunning the quad's engine, sped away.
    • The pair only just survived them, gunning their engines to get over the lip and come flying out the other side (giving thanks to God as they did so).
    • Gingerly gunning the engine, I swung out onto the interstate, no lights.
    • He ran over to his BMW and climbed in, gunning the engine, and speeding down the driveway.
    • So this gentleman pulls up next to me, gunning his engine for all he's worth.
    • I heard him gunning the engine on his pickup and squealing out of the driveway.
    • I was in terrible pain, but was worried about my friends, so I started gunning the engine.
    • I gunned the engine at the fifth red light I came upon, and was tempted to go through the red light, but a low rumble stopped me.
    • He gunned the engine and sped away from Darren's house.
    • The door whooshed shut, and the bus's tires skidded on the gravel driveway as the driver gunned the engine.
    • I was still putting on my helmet when David gunned his engine, leaving Kelvin and I in a cloud of dust.
    • He gunned his engine, and bullied the schooner through, scraping bottom.
    • ‘It is something like gunning a car constantly,’ she says.
    • I couldn't get comfortable, the dreams were bad, my neighbor was gunning his motorcycle again.
    • He had already gunned the little car; at once it lost traction on the gravel.
    • He guns the car out of the parking lot and, because there is no traffic blocking his path, he drives unhindered straight up the road and away.
    • I shook my head no, and Kass laughed, gunning the truck away from home.
    • He surveyed the streets, gunning the car up one of San Francisco's steep hills.
    • I gunned the cycle and popped a wheelie before driving out to the desert.
    • She gunned her bike once more and set her goal on getting down there quickly as possible.
    • Instead he gunned the car and when the light changed, took off down the road.
    • As fast as she could gun the car without being pulled over, she rushed from the airport to the monolithic Apath building.
    • Jonno is down below about to start, when he screams at me to gun the boat.
    • They gun the boat towards the fish and ease off just before they get too near them.
    • Motivated by this thought, Isis gunned her hover cycle before taking off.
    • Most days the cobbled streets and piazzas of the town are chock-full of delivery vans, family Fiats and boy racers gunning their small-engined Vespas.
    • With one last glance back, both to the accelerating cop and his four friends behind him, he gunned it.
    • Giving the driver a nod, the truck gunned it, and sped back onto the more secure skidder tail.
    • It took only a second to decide it was time to move on, but when Andrew gunned the BMW towards a small opening between the bikes, the gap closed up.
    • Tom Frantzen guns his four-wheeler across the farmyard, a cart full of empty feed buckets rattling behind.
    • Grabbing his jacket, he ran out the door and into his truck, throwing it into reverse, then drive and gunning it down the road away from that prison he had to stay at.