Translation of habit in Spanish:


costumbre, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhæbət/ /ˈhabɪt/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(usual piece of behavior)

      costumbre feminine
      hábito masculine
      (bad) vicio masculine
      (bad) mala costumbre feminine
      (bad) mal hábito masculine
      to be in the habit of -ing acostumbrar + inf
      tener por costumbre + inf
      to make a habit of -ing adoptar la costumbre de + inf

      • don't make a habit of it
      to have a habit of -ing tener la manía de + inf
      to get sb into the habit of -ing acostumbrar a algn a + inf
      to get oneself into the habit of -ing acostumbrarse a + inf
      to get sb/oneself out of the habit of -ing quitarle a algn/quitarse la costumbre de + inf
      to have revolting habits tener muy malos modales
      • eating habits hábitos alimenticios
      • as was her habit como tenía por costumbre
      • to fall into bad habits adquirir malas costumbres
      • to break / cure a habit perder / quitarse una (mala) costumbre
      • his habit of always interrupting su (mala) costumbre de interrumpir todo el tiempo
      • Jen's got a bad habit of working too hard on something though.
      • I know it's a bad habit, eating sweets in he morning, but strawberry shortcake is my favorite food.
      • I have a bad habit of voicing my own true opinions.
      • Yes, if you hadn't noticed yet, Pat had a bad habit of swearing regularly.
      • The increase in childhood obesity is also largely due to eating and exercise habits rather than a tendency toward low fat diets.
      • Our cat has developed an annoying habit of standing on people's faces during the night.
      • All groups maintained their regular eating habits over the 12 weeks.
      • With dinner party after dinner party, it's difficult to not stray from your regular eating habits.
      • It twists your stomach into knots and forces you to abandon any regular eating habits.
      • People have a bad habit of comparing space travel with air travel.
      • I had a bad habit of aggravating people; perhaps it was because they couldn't classify me.
      • Riddled with guilt, I told her it was a bad habit and that I was going to stop.
      • New research on the listening habits of music fans has revealed that many now plug in their ear-phones out of habit rather than for enjoyment.
      • It is true the consequences of such a bad habit are severe.
      • I have a bad habit of staying in bed till the last minute and then scurrying about in the morning, rushing to get to whatever my first appointment of the day is.
      • I have a bad habit of saying yes, if you can call that a bad habit.
      • I have a bad habit of going on trips and never recording my impressions of the places I've been too.
      • If there is a bad habit I should get rid of I guess it would be to stop criticizing people.
      • I watched a ton of television as a kid, so I have a bad habit of getting sucked into shows for hours.
      • I have a bad habit of not closing the blinds properly or forgetting that the curtains are open.

    • 1.2(customary behavior)

      costumbre feminine
      out of sheer habit por pura costumbre

    • 1.3(dependence on nicotine, drugs)

      the habit el vicio
      • he now has a $100-a-day habit ahora el vicio le cuesta 100 dólares diarios
      • to be off the habit haber dejado la droga

  • 2

    hábito masculine
    a monk's/nun's habit un hábito de monje/monja
    • Because I wore the habit of a religious order he saw me as a sort of expert, one who could get results.
    • Standing on a parapet of fictive marble, dressed in the brown habit of his order, St Francis gazes intently at a wooden crucifix held between his crossed hands.
    • In his last decade in Rome he lived in a home run by the Blue Nuns, an Irish order so called because of the color of their habit.
    • The order dropped its habits after the Vatican II council and required that Ochoa wear a white outfit only during prayers at one of the members' homes.
    • He donned the traditional brown Franciscan habit and sandals and took the name of his patron, St. Francis Solanus.
    • Francis and the friars are costumed in simple gray habits (the chorus is dressed similarly).
    • On entry they were formally vested in a monastic habit, and wore a distinctive cap so that they were at once identifiable in the street.
    • A label was developed for the easy, medium dry style of young white wine sold in inns throughout Germany which initially showed several nuns in brown habits against a bright blue sky.
    • He wore one of those long brown monk habits accented with beads and rope, and sported a Friar Tuck-like haircut - the bowl cut.
    • Walking out of the nunnery was Sister Elizabeth, dressed in full habit, using a wooden cane to get down the sidewalk easier.
    • She has a lurid past of big yellow puffa skirts, fake orange tan and nun's habit dresses.