Translation of habitually in Spanish:


por lo general, adv.

Pronunciation /həˈbɪtʃ(u)əli/ /həˈbɪtʃ(ə)li/


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    por lo general
    he habitually spent his Sundays working in the garden por lo general se pasaba los domingos trabajando en el jardín
    • she habitually arrives late suele llegar tarde
    • The more alcohol men habitually consume, the more likely they are to have a sleep-related breathing disorder, a new study says.
    • I have never habitually worn makeup.
    • She habitually wore a fur hat that made it look as if a cat was curled up on her head.
    • From his earliest days, he spent much time in his father's study and habitually accompanied him on his walks in North London.
    • Monkeys will habitually accumulate and hide food.
    • Increased pressure on the veins can be exacerbated by habitually crossing your legs.
    • A third of British men and a fifth of women now habitually drank more than the Government's safe limits for alcohol.
    • He habitually left his home at four in the morning.
    • Under the 1883 law, the police were authorized to arrest any child between seven and fifteen who habitually skipped school, disobeyed teachers, or frequented public places during school hours.
    • Children in families that habitually watch television during meals eat fewer fruits and vegetables than those that don't, US researchers reported recently.