Translation of haft in Spanish:


mango, n.

Pronunciation /hæft/ /hɑːft/

Definition of mango in Spanish


  • 1

    (of ax, knife) mango masculine
    (of sword) empuñadura feminine
    • Tips remained in their natural form and were made into handles or hafts.
    • Slowly, Joshua placed both his hands on the haft of the spear, just above the point, and pushed upward.
    • The multiple notches may also represent hafting adjustments, for example, as the result of tool breakage or attempts to balance hafts.
    • As long as the pressure is applied in a forward direction, the tip is secure in the haft.
    • Its length is approximately 35 mm and the haft width is about 15 mm.
    • She made a pillow of her cloak and laid her own knife under it with the haft sticking out below her chin.
    • Well worn leather was braided around the haft to make a comfortable grip.
    • The knife sported an obsidian blade mounted to a bone haft, the edge still viciously sharp even after years of storage.
    • The hafts of the smaller axes were between 60-90 cm long with a blade about 7.5-150 cm wide.
    • Sprinting up the slope, Amy whirled the spear above her head, and just when she reached the pair, got a hold of the haft with both hands, and delivered a blow directed right at the back of Ashley's head.
    • Cutouts in the central blade and the flats of the axe blades gave the weapon a lethal, even vicious look while reducing the mass of the larger blade to match its smaller twin on the opposite end of the haft.
    • His hands were steady upon the haft of his lance.
    • Before the scythe could get halfway through its arc, the void-sword was flashing through the air, severing the long haft of the farm tool.
    • Caidryn stares at the broken haft in her hand and cries even harder.
    • The ant lunged at him, its mandibles clamping down on the haft of the ax.
    • His spear standing proud as it bit its head deep into the dirt, the haft glowing ominously in a color not usually associated with wood.
    • Just as he lifted the heavy haft of the axe-handle above his head, two women entered the clearing he was working in.
    • It seems that the head of my axe has loosened from its haft.
    • She ducked its lethal blade, then latched a grip on the weapon's long haft.
    • The knife second from the right, with its elaborate carved ivory haft, exemplifies a small but distinguished group of carved handles found on cutlery from several European countries.