Translation of hail-fellow-well-met in Spanish:


jovial, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌheɪlˌfɛləˌwɛlˈmɛt/


  • 1

    • He was unlike the moody Michael Angelo; unlike the gentle Raphael; unlike the fastidious Van Dyck who came long afterward; he was hail-fellow-well-met among his associates, though often given over to dreaminess.
    • How about the continuous flow of hail-fellow-well-met vocals scrubbed free of messy traits like human pain and intensity?
    • Behind the broadcaster's hail-fellow-well-met demeanour and bluster lies an extremely astute and clued-in individual, who meets criticism of his television style with quotes from Mark Twain.
    • There was pain lurking beneath the sparkling surface of those eyes, and genuine intelligence cloaking itself behind that hail-fellow-well-met act.
    • Some groups took offense at his hail-fellow-well-met endorsement of the high life.