Translation of Hail Mary in Spanish:

Hail Mary

Avemaría, n.


  • 1

    Avemaría masculine
    say three Hail Marys rece tres Avemarías
    • We'd pile into the car at the crack of dawn and my father would say a Hail Mary before we left, to make sure that the Virgin Mary kept an eye on us.
    • And he tightened his hold on her hand as they recited the Lord's Prayer and a Hail Mary.
    • She made a cross on her forehead, said a Hail Mary and an Our Father, asked God to prepare a place for her friend and remove her pain.
    • I slowly pulled the dirt out of my pocket, recited a Hail Mary and threw the dirt to the wind and over the river.
    • He slowly inhaled and exhaled while praying a Hail Mary for his sisters.