There are 2 main translations of hale in Spanish

: hale1hale2


saludable, adj.

Pronunciation /heɪl/

Definition of saludable in Spanish


  • 1

    hale and hearty (fuerte) como un roble
    • He looks at you and sees you're hale and hearty, he'll say, go home, don't bother, don't do anything until you find something like a loss of appetite, weight loss and so on, then come back to me…
    • Pray that those around you are hale and hearty because then only can you live happily and peacefully.
    • I know it will be better with the distraction of new kitties in the house but I simply can't welcome the additions until Dr. Susan tells me they are hale and hearty.
    • His family are enormously proud of their dad and one of his daughters tells me that Willie is hale and hearty and had just sown a lawn with her the evening we spoke.
    • Fr. Frank's mother is the former Kate Groarke from Dalton and she is still hale and hearty in the Windy City.
    • She was hale and hearty when she attracted the recent party and all the Scully family wish her health and happiness for the future.
    • His mom is still hale and hearty and is living in Bronxville in Westchester County.
    • But, as the teacher said, he was hale and hearty.
    • The cloned soldiers look, think, and act alike, and their performance in battle proves beyond a doubt that they are hearty and hale members of the human race.
    • Save the odd case, this year has been good, the flock is hale and hearty, with strong wings and cheerful hearts.
    • Paddy is still hale and hearty and in good health and as well he still continues his usual interests.
    • Since so many people from that street are sill hale and hearty, there should be a ken interest in the event.
    • He said: ‘It's wonderful that he is looking so hale and hearty.’
    • John, who is in his mid 80s, is still hale and hearty and is enjoying his retirement in his native Knockeenahone, having retired from the Diocese of Leeds in England about ten years ago.
    • Margaret the mother of eleven children, 29 grandchildren and Great Grandmother of three is hale and hearty and welcomed all who came to deliver their congratulations.
    • Yes, it's 50 years since Jimmy and Peggy walked down the aisle and thank God Jimmy and Peggy are still hale and hearty today, and one couldn't meet a nicer or more loving couple.
    • Seamus is still hale and hearty and over the years was a great community activist, progressive farmer and powerful drams enthusiast - both on and off the stage.
    • Still hale and hearty, Bridie was in great form on the night, socialising with everyone present and performed her own party piece to rapturous applause.
    • A hale and hearty friend was earnestly counting the number of weekends she had left to live - given the average length of years a woman might live.
    • Special mention should be made of two very sporting grannies who, despite their years, were able to mix it up with the best of them and came home hale and hearty.

There are 2 main translations of hale in Spanish

: hale1hale2


arrastrar, v.

transitive verb

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    he was haled into her office lo llevaron a rastras hasta su oficina
    • Before I could say anything I felt myself being dragged, somehow I managed to grab Tori's shirt haling him to his feet, and dragging him along behind me.
    • Tomorrow he will be haled before a court for his crimes.
    • In any case, the death of Pelléas is a crude murder by a crazed enemy, whose depravity has already been manifest in the horrendous scene in which Golaud hales Mélisande up and down by the hair of her lovely head.
    • He talks about his love of music, quoting Shakespeare: ‘Isn't it strange that sheep guts should hale souls out of men's bodies?’
    • ‘Eric either you tell us what's wrong now, or I'll hale it out of you,’ I told him.