Translation of halting in Spanish:


titubeante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈhɔltɪŋ/ /ˈhɔːltɪŋ/

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    (voice/speech) titubeante
    (voice/speech) vacilante
    (voice/speech) (through emotion) entrecortado
    • Her shaking hands cover her mouth and she walks backwards in slow, halting steps.
    • And so the group made their slow and halting way back to Kathor.
    • Both as a product and a cause of the indecisive nature of combat, the operational tempo of war-as-process generally moved at a slow and halting pace.
    • Ian thought he had offended her, until she began speaking, in slow, halting tones.
    • And this is an album awash with effortless, halting, careless wordplay.
    • However halting, impaired, almost uncommunicative the poem, I still have the perverse sense that the station to which it is tuned, however low, is merriment.
    • Some of the players have also been deeply unhappy about the media coverage of last Sunday's halting 36-11 victory over Japan in Townsville.
    • I've found phone conversations with some people can be halting and strained but having text with them is a witty, inspired exchange you hate to have to erase when your memory gets too full.
    • But given the political economy of which he was a beneficiary, whatever steps he took to deal with the problem were bound to be halting and contradictory.
    • Gopinath's words are slow and halting, as he reconstructs for us the sparse and humble details of his life.
    • His English is halting, but his recall remarkably precise.
    • Women 57's progress in Irish politics is still slow and halting.
    • But since then, progress in the peace process had been halting.
    • The expansion or quality improvement has, however, been halting and has generally lagged behind demand and the population growth rate.
    • Kelly was then called before a parliamentary committee, where, in halting, hesitant testimony, he neither fully confirmed nor discredited the BBC story.
    • He possesses a rich, warm, sonorous voice, betraying further evidence of his Englishness - a confident, erudite speaker, and yet punctuated with ums, ahs, and halting hesitancy.
    • Among other drawings are four individual pots outlined in red conte on Somerset cream paper, in each of which the line is not flowing but halting.
    • His own breathing had been so halting in the last few hours that I thought at first it was probably another false alarm, but no, that was it.
    • Equally halting, the ants simile in canto XXVI represents the occasional conflict between narrative clarity and structural exigency.