Translation of handwriting in Spanish:


letra, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhæn(d)ˌraɪdɪŋ/ /ˈhandrʌɪtɪŋ/

Definition of letra in Spanish


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    letra feminine
    he has very poor handwriting tiene muy mala letra
    • handwriting analysis estudio grafológico
    • And the style of your handwriting at that point of time could bare your soul in the presence of others.
    • The handwriting and style were that of a class geek that Jeremy probably bullied into writing.
    • Style, flair, neatness and layout of handwriting are the criteria that judges use to assess the entries.
    • I sometimes try to write in between the pictures but my handwriting does not seem to suit the style.
    • Ever have one of those days where your handwriting looks better in pencil than it does in pen?
    • We had Rogan copy the letter in his own handwriting and matched the outside carrier font to his writing.
    • How about help with writing a note to a teacher or improving handwriting, reading and writing letters.
    • The pupils can write on the boards and see their handwriting turned into print and draw pictures on it, which can be transformed into a hard copy.
    • She noticed some words scrawled in Dinah's handwriting at the top of her notes.
    • He sat up and found that he had been laying on a letter with familiar handwriting which spelled out his name.
    • The hardest part was deciphering Jack's handwriting on the scribbled notes which told him which file was which.
    • You can now have your own handwriting printed out via laser or inkjet in various colors.
    • It was in the same scrawled handwriting as before, on a regular piece of VCC paper.
    • Don't dwell on handwriting and spelling, but read what your child actually has to say.
    • You'd think that handwriting was easier to identify than typewriting.
    • On top of mimicking drawings and my mum's handwriting, I also discovered a talent for vocal impressions.
    • It is from one of the Catalan's final faxes, when his handwriting was little more than a scrawl.
    • It is claimed that the fresh crosses were made in the same handwriting and with the same blue pen.
    • He produced a photocopy of the note, as well as a typewritten transcription of his handwriting.