Translation of hang in Spanish:


colgar, v.

Pronunciation /hæŋ/ /haŋ/

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transitive verb hung, hung

  • 1

    • 1.1(suspend)

      (dress/coat/picture/curtain) colgar
      (washing) tender
      to hang sth with sth
      • we hung the trees with Chinese lanterns
      • the streets were hung with flags
      the play was simply a peg on which to hang her political message la obra no era más que un vehículo para su mensaje político
      • Above it all, dark shapes hang suspended, almost motionless, swaying with the breeze.
      • His arms hung down limply, one over the edge of the couch.
      • From the side, you can check for the correct posture: spine straight but tilted, arms hanging freely and knees slightly flexed.
      • I let out a sigh and followed her up, my arms hanging limply at my sides.
      • Let your arms hang naturally and freely, and you'll be fine.
      • During these first few minutes of the dance, he had been letting his arms hang limply at his sides.
      • There is a massive tree in front of the house and an old tyre swing hangs from its ancient arms.
      • It also had a hood with a cute little pom-pom hanging off the strings made to adjust the hood.
      • I clambered out onto the tree limb below my dorm window and hanging from the lowest branch dropped to the ground.
      • Eddie fell backwards, stumbling over the edge of the trail, but caught on with one hand, perilously hanging over the precipice.
      • She is clutching at the grass, precariously hanging over the cliff and screaming as crumbling rocks fall to the water below.
      • A gigantic chandelier hangs down from the ceiling, right above her head.
      • Overhead, coloured banners hung from wooden rafters.
      • The lanterns hang from trees like giant pods.
      • A lantern hung from the pointed roof, and light could be seen from the cracks between the wood boards.
      • Four banners hang in the front of the theater above the hardwood stage.
      • The large wooden gates are adorned with red hearts and streamers and white paper doves have been hung from the trees.
      • Different colored paper lanterns hung overhead, not really doing much to light up the place but looking very pretty all the same.
      • Many restaurants have smoking and non-smoking areas separated only with a sign hanging from the ceiling.
      • A rusted ceiling fan hangs from the remains of the roof.
      • Large pictures of fifties stars hung along the walls and a song from the musical Grease played on the jukebox in the corner.
      • They looked at everything from the pictures hung neatly on the wall, to the conditions of the easy chairs and beds.
      • Tammy and Greg's wedding picture was framed and hung perfectly on the wall.
      • She sighed as she stole a single glance at the picture hanging from the wall.
      • The halls had a slight musty odor and there were spots where pictures used to hang from the walls.
      • The show is called Manet Face to Face, which explains the exciting way in which these two pictures are hung, on opposite walls, with you caught in the crossfire.
      • To the uninitiated, they're just a collection of yellowing maps hung up on the walls.
      • Against one wall Osborn has hung three modest watercolour heads of a boy.
      • An animal skin rug covered the floor and a moose's head hung from the wall.
      • Inside, the bar features a riot of décor: A stuffed swordfish hangs from the wall.
      • Even now, a map of France still hangs from his bedroom wall.
      • His photo hangs from a wall of the room where Neesha, her husband and their two children eat and sleep.
      • But her mother is so proud of what her daughter has done that the calendar will be hanging from her wall next year, and Ellie's grandmother has also ordered a copy.
      • Inside, dried hops and brasses hang from the rural-themed walls and a central bar acts serves both the games room and main lounge.
      • It is equipped with a kitchen, bathroom and lounge, where framed posters of his books hang proudly on the walls.
      • The resulting painting still hangs on the living room wall.
      • A tiger rug lay on the floor and a small painting hung over the head of the bed.
      • I turned my head sideways and caught a glimpse at the long mirror hanging in my closet.
      • Honour was done to the two founders, Drinkwater and Flyers, whose portraits were hung in the reading rooms.
      • Now there is a new band portrait hanging next to the original on the clubhouse wall.

    • 1.2(put in position)

      (door/gate) colocar
      (door/gate) montar
      to hang wallpaper empapelar
      • He noticed that the pendulums of the two suspended clocks, hanging side by side from a common support, were swinging together.
      • Hanging a door correctly is one of the most satisfying jobs in the home improvement world, but it's often the most challenging.
      • If you hang the gate as you are suggesting it will sag from the hinges and eventually just scrape on the floor.
      • The doors had been hung perfectly, each one swinging effortlessly and noiselessly and fitting perfectly into its frame.
      • Learning how to hang a window is a project that depends on a number of factors, including whether or not the window is to be installed in new construction or an existing wall.
      • The panels are also more rigid, making them easier to carry and hang.

    • 1.3Cooking

      (game) manir
      • Anyone who can tell you how long to hang game, or any meat, unless you are using a butcher's chiller, is either a liar or a prophet.
      • Their Aberdeen Angus feed on rich grass and organic hay, and the meat is hung for a minimum of 14 days to ensure optimum taste.
      • Red meat is hung for at least 28 days, making for a memorable steak.
      • The flavour could be deeper if the meat was hung for longer.
      • It seemed like the normal hooks that would have been used by the butcher to hang meat had been modified or replaced with massive fish hooks.
      • He has his own herd of beasts and hangs the meat longer than anyone I know.
      • Think of the money to be made renting out basements to hang meat and transforming kitchens into dark rooms.
      • Now hang the meat in a cool, well ventilated place for another day or two.
      • I raise and hang my own beef, from Devon Ruby cattle, here on my small Dorset farm.
      • The interior is equipped with rows of nails or poles suspended from the rafters for hanging the cured hams.
      • There is game and meat to hang, lemon tarts to be made.
      • It was claimed that before they were really ready for cooking, grouse should be hung until maggots dropped out of them.
      • You could see where the old range had been and the rings from which the hunks of meat would have been hung.
      • We are one of the few farm shops that source our meat locally, hang it in our own cold room and butcher it on site to customers' requirements.
      • I had worried that the dressing would be formidably strong, but the meat had been hung for a lengthy period and was far more gamey than that used by most oriental restaurants.
      • There Angus and Jimmy would skin and hang the carcass.
      • The meat still needs to be properly hung to improve texture and flavour, but it doesn't require marinades and all manner of tricks to make it edible.
      • All the beef is locally sourced and hung in a cold house on site for up to six weeks before being butchered.

  • 2

    dejar colgado
    • This article has all you need to know about issues with internal modems that may hang your system.
    • Click on help, a browser window opens, click on connect to Ethernet, and it hangs forever.
    • Upon reboot, however, the system hung at the Windows startup screen.
    • An erratically fluctuating power supply can wreak havoc on any system and may cause it to hang or shut down spontaneously.
    • If the installation hangs, you have to either delete the installed folder or reboot.
  • ( hanged, hanged, hung, hung)
  • 3

    • 3.1(kill)

      he hanged himself se ahorcó
      • He was grabbed from the arresting officer by a gang of masked men who tied a rope around his neck and hanged him.
      • The most the state can do to you is lock you away for the rest of your life, or hang you by the neck until you are dead.
      • The kidnappers drove to an abandoned farmhouse on the outskirts of the city where they tied a rope around the neck of their captive and hanged him from a locust tree.
      • India's last execution was in 1995, when an auto-rickshaw driver convicted in the serial murders of prostitutes was hanged.
      • Three days after he was hanged, public executions were abolished under the Capital Amendment Act of May 29th 1868.
      • Her 25-year-old lorry driver husband was hanged for the murder of the child.
      • In 1903, he was hanged for the murder of a rancher's 15-year-old son, a crime he most likely did not commit.
      • The revelations silenced most supporters and he was hanged in Pentonville prison on 3 August 1916 with scarcely a murmur of protest.
      • Three innocent people were hanged for their alleged part in his murder.
      • For many New Englanders, capital punishment relates more to the era of witches being hanged than to the current day.
      • The government revealed recently, only in reply to a question in parliament, that 340 people were hanged between 1991 and 2000.
      • In 1667 three men were hanged at York for the murder of a Wakefield woman suspected of bewitching a man.
      • Although it does seem like a dim and distant memory now, I still remember people being hanged in Britain during my lifetime.
      • His wife told the jury she thought she was going to die after he wrapped electric cable around her neck, pulled it tight and then tried to hang her.
      • The last execution here took place in 1997 when eight prisoners were hanged.
      • The last time a person was hanged in South Australia was 1964.
      • Between October 1952 and November 1954, 756 rebels were hanged, most for offences less than murder.
      • In August, he was hanged on Gallows Hill, one of 19 people executed for witchcraft.
      • She was hanged three weeks later despite public uproar and thousands of people demonstrating in the street.
      • Students were publicly hanged every year following 1978, while exiled opponents were assassinated.

    • 3.2mainly British informal, dated (in interj phrases)

      hang it! ¡caray! informal, dated
      • I'll be hanged if I'm going to stand for any more nonsense from her! ¡no pienso aguantarle más tonterías!

intransitive verb hung

  • 1

    • 1.1(be suspended)

      pender literary
      estar colgado
      to hang by/from/on sth colgar de algo

      • it hung by an iron chain
      • a splendid chandelier hung from the ceiling
      • it's hanging on a peg
      • it's hanging on the wall
      the picture had always hung there el cuadro siempre había estado (colgado) allí
      • your coat is hanging in the hall tu abrigo está colgado en el vestíbulo
      • The cigarette smoke hung like a thick bluish white haze throughout the room.
      • Smoke hung thickly all around, like a dense fog, only more suffocating.
      • On June 1, 1921 the smoke hung like a grey, acrid cloud over Greenwood.
      • People dance on the beach as smoke hangs dramatically in the air.
      • A dense fug of tobacco smoke hangs over them as they furiously puff away.
      • Even with the cooler weather and some rain, acrid smoke still hangs over the most ravaged areas.
      • To the south, a billowing black cloud of smoke was hanging ominously over the city.
      • I watched her drag on her cigarette, the smoke hanging between us.
      • A cloud of acrid smoke is hanging over the city and on the roads all the shops are closed for fear of rioting.
      • Real smoke hangs over the audience, clouding our vision and our senses.
      • She gazed down the steep face at the mist which still hung imposingly below them.
      • The smoke hung like a heavy veil over the doorway, stinging his nostrils as he stepped through it.
      • Shrugging, he pushed open the door to the bar and almost choked on the smoke that hung thickly in the air.
      • The Gig hall was dark, and the air was thick and heavy with the stale cigarette smoke that hung there.
      • Another rocket is fired, and the smoke hangs ominously over the square.
      • I can't see the fire but smoke hangs thinly everywhere especially around the lights.
      • A massive plume of smoke was hanging over the city, but the precise location or cause of the blast was not immediately known.
      • Large, puffy clouds hung in the air and seagulls flew around in the pale blue sky.
      • But now you've got a black cloud hanging over your head.
      • The mist hanging just above the buildings softened the colors and lowered the parameters of the scene to the sidewalks and the strolling hordes.

    • 1.2(hover)

      (fog/smoke) flotar
      (bird) planear
      (bird) cernerse
      to hang over sth
      • the mist hung over the marshes
      • a question mark hangs over the future of the industry

    • 1.3

      (clothing/fabric) caer
      that skirt hangs very well esa falda tiene muy buena caída / cae muy bien
      • The soft fabric hung perfectly from Penelope's curves and the bright white complemented her dark skin.
      • She made a rather scrawny boy and Bryson's garments hung loosely on her form, but she would pass.
      • If you simply lay the pattern pieces anywhere on the fabric, ignoring the grain-lines, the finished garment will not hang right.
      • Letting garments out is more difficult because you usually need to open the seams so the garment can hang properly on your body.
      • As you can see from the photos the suede skirt hangs softly almost in pleats, and the wool version shows the godet detail quite well.
      • A maroon velvety dress hung well on her shoulders.
      • His red, cap-sleeved shirt hung loosely around his waist, covering the top of his pants.
      • Nighy looks older than his years, with a tall, angular frame on which a dark blue suit hangs loosely as if on a clothes horse.
      • He was similarly dressed except that his shirt hung more loosely over his body.
      • A dark leather jacket hung loosely off a pair of wide shoulders.
      • A black, grungy trench coat hung loosely over his lanky frame, and his face was hidden in the darkness under a fedora hat.
      • The dress hung loosely on me, except the bodice, which was very tight.
      • His grey, three piece suit hung loosely from his shoulders as if it had originally been tailored for a much larger man.
      • The white, gray, and green clothing hung extremely loosely on her small body but she was content with it.
      • A tailored jacket hung elegantly from his broad shoulders, giving him a debonair look.
      • He nodded and leaned against the counter, his gray shirt hung loosely on his muscular frame.
      • He places his arms into a jacket obviously tailored for someone else, it hangs loosely, reaching almost to his knees.
      • Not only does the drainpipe leg hang badly with most footwear but it emphasises the fuller hips and rear.
      • The purpose of shoulder pads is to square out your shoulders and to help your suit hang properly.
      • Lining makes the vest hang better over your other clothes and also makes it easier to slip on and off.

  • ( hanged, hanged, hung, hung)
  • 2

    (be executed)
    she thought he would hang for it creyó que lo mandarían a la horca / lo ahorcarían por ello
  • 3

    quedarse colgado


  • 1

    caída feminine
    I don't like the hang of that dress no me gusta la caída que tiene / como cae ese vestido