Translation of happen in Spanish:


pasar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈhæpən/ /ˈhap(ə)n/

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intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(occur)

      acaecer literary
      what's happened? ¿qué ha pasado / sucedido / ocurrido?
      • don't let it happen again que no vuelva a pasar / suceder / ocurrir
      • how did the accident happen? ¿cómo ocurrió el accidente?
      • she acted as though nothing had happened hizo como si nada hubiera pasado
      • nothing ever happens round here aquí nunca pasa nada
      • whatever happens, we'll stand by you pase lo que pase, te apoyaremos
      • worse things happen at sea no es el fin del mundo
      • it's all happening here la movida es aquí
      • hi, what's happening? hola ¿qué tal? ¿qué es de tu vida?
      • The accident happened at the Namuang falls on the island of Koh Samui.
      • Nobody wants an accident to happen but if the present chaos continues it is inevitable.
      • Rather in keeping with the tenor of the match, one of the most significant developments happened by accident.
      • He had been working in the Murphy Transport-operated compound at the docks when the accident happened.
      • It is not clear how the accident happened, and police are interviewing all the teaching staff present as part of their inquiry.
      • He had been contracted by Hood Yacht Spars to transport their masts when the accident had happened.
      • In the world of chime, accidents happen and the results are stunning.
      • It seems a complete and utter sham that change and improvements can only happen following an accident.
      • But surely the chances of a similar accident happening again are astronomical.
      • Some of the accidents happened during the pursuit of criminals but none resulted in the deaths of either PCs or civilians.
      • Motorist Pete Richardson was following the Discovery when the accident happened.
      • Sometimes an accident may occur in circumstances in which accidents do not normally happen unless there has been negligence by someone.
      • So in this bill the Minister of Transport is to be held directly responsible when accidents happen.
      • Stop blaming parents for every accident that happens.
      • And Cllr Rosaleen O'Grady warned that something will need to be done before a serious accident happens in the area.
      • Sun mentioned that whenever an accident happens, the mass media tends to over-criticize the service provider.
      • Whenever a traffic accident happens, the traffic police make an investigation to find out whose fault it was.
      • So in each little street an injury accident happens about once every 40 years.
      • If anyone in the ministry is reading this and can do something about it, please do before a major accident happens.
      • ‘We believe what happened must be an accident because he had so much to live for,’ she said.

    • 1.2(befall, become of)

      to happen to sb pasarle a algn

      • a strange thing happened to me this morning
      • why does everything happen to me?
      • if anything happened to me, you'd inherit everything
      • he's very late; I hope nothing has happened to him
      • what's happened to your leg?
      • whatever happened to all those bands of the 60s?
      • Has anyone else had anything like any of these experiences happen to them before?
      • Courts and academics brush over what actually happens to such videos once they leave the sex shop.
      • The most difficult decision facing the school must be over what happens to Anne Williams.
      • The banks are due to meet again at the end of February to take a final decision over what should happen to charges.
      • Now the average man on the street is not going to get worked up over what happens to hedge funds.
      • Did he not pass on his apprehensions over what was happening to a senior figure in the party at the time?
      • There has been a lot of Reg reader debate over what exactly will happen to findings from the project.
      • All the while I can't stop thinking about what will happen to me if I fall into that void.
      • Was he trying to pay back his debt, or was he really worried over what would happen to me?
      • But her experiences made her determined to prevent the same thing happening to others.
      • What is there to stop the same thing happening to the Bulls should they experience a downturn in fortunes?
      • We are just doing it from past experiences and what we have seen and what's happened to us.
      • This is exactly the sort of thing that always happens to me though, so I shouldn't be surprised.
      • This is my first book so everything that is happening to me is a big surprise.
      • She said to me that she did not know what had happened to her, she felt as if she fell down.
      • What will happen to the money put aside for a possible fire strike if this is averted?
      • When you start on the slippery slope you don't know what's happening to you because you haven't got the experience.
      • You feel like you are the only one it is happening to, even if thousands of sportsmen experience the same thing each year.
      • No matter what happens to our nation, even when Egypt may fall on hard times, we can never be ignored.
      • I called the help desk last week for the first time to find out what is happening to my claim and to my surprise I got through to a lady first time.

  • 2to happen to + inf

    • 2.1(do, be by chance)

      she happened to be there dio la casualidad de que estaba ahí
      • if you happen to see her, give her my love si por casualidad la ves, dale recuerdos de mi parte
      • you don't happen to know the time of the next train, do you? ¿usted no sabrá (por casualidad) a qué hora sale el próximo tren?

    • 2.2(do, be actually)

      who's that fat guy over there? — he happens to be my brother ¿quién es ese gordo de ahí? — pues da la casualidad de que es mi hermano
      • it was a wonderful production; I just don't happen to like opera fue una puesta excelente; lo que pasa es que a mí no me gusta la ópera

impersonal verb

  • 1

    how does it happen that he gets paid more than me? ¿cómo puede ser que gane / cómo es que gana más que yo?
    • it may happen that you'll get a question like that in the examination puede ser que en el examen te toque una pregunta como esa
    • it (just) so happens that I know him da la casualidad de que lo conozco
    • as it happens, I'm going that way myself da la casualidad de que yo también voy hacia allí
    • well, as it happens, I already knew that pues para que sepas, yo ya lo sabía
    • as often seems to happen como suele pasar / suceder / ocurrir