Translation of hardly in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈhɑrdli/ /ˈhɑːdli/


  • 1

    hardly anyone/anything casi nadie/nada
    • they hardly ever go there casi nunca van allí
    • hardly a day goes by without her paying us a visit casi no pasa un día en que no nos haga una visita
    • she could hardly move her arm apenas podía mover el brazo
    • I could hardly believe my eyes apenas podía dar crédito a mis ojos
    • he hardly knew her apenas la conocía
    • it's hardly ten minutes since you came in no hace ni diez minutos que entraste
    • hardly had she left when John arrived se acababa de ir cuando llegó John
    • A degree in theatre arts hardly qualifies me as a nutritionist or a psychologist.
    • If Judas were among the saved, these statements could hardly be true.
    • If true, it's hardly inspirational to the troops.
    • As time went by, a subtle change began to overtake her, transforming her by degrees into another person hardly recognizable to her children.
    • Sorry, I have to go, and this hardly even qualifies as a post, back later…
    • It is true hardly anyone waits a year for surgery any more but the average wait is still 49 days, compared with 43 in 1999.
    • The short multi-party history, however, shows that this desire hardly comes true and is never realized for long.
    • Looking at Qin Yi's wrinkle-free face and her smooth, white complexion, one can hardly guess her true age.
    • I wasn't always a Bowie fan, and, to be honest, I'm hardly qualified to call myself one today.
    • Frans Snyders's Concert of Birds hardly qualifies even as second-rate.
    • Even that hardly ensures true objectivity - whatever that is - but it's probably the best we can hope for.
    • Perhaps this is why beauty hardly qualifies as an aesthetic category any more.
    • His mother, Francis Fiddler, was so stunned by the news last night that she could hardly believe it was true.
    • Like a true Melbourne audience hardly anyone at all got up to flee from the rain.
    • To those who read the early version of this, yes its true I can hardly think nor spell today.
    • It all seemed like a mad dream that couldn't possibly be true but also could hardly be otherwise, and Sophia couldn't escape it.
    • Now, Sara and I hardly qualify as informed critics of modern television.
    • Although I knew that technically wasn't true because I had hardly been there for her since Danny died.
    • Rather and company may have been fed phony documents, but the basic story is obviously true and hardly disputed.
    • The next two decades saw a blossoming of academic philosophy on a scale hardly imaginable just a short time earlier.
  • 2

    (surely not)
    it's hardly what you'd call a masterpiece no es precisamente una obra maestra
    • will they appoint him? — hardly! ¿le darán el cargo? — ¡me imagino que no!
    • I'm hardly to blame for what happened mal me puedes culpar a mí de lo que pasó
    • I could hardly say no no me podía negar
    • I need hardly remind you that … ni falta hace que les recuerde que …
    • the news could hardly have come at a worse time la noticia no podía haber llegado en peor momento
    • that's hardly surprising! ¡no es de extrañarse!
    • Now being a Texas resident for the past five years might make me a citizen of the state, but it hardly qualifies me as a true Texan.
    • Nonetheless, despite the seemingly narrow focus, this outline is hardly insignificant.
    • Still, at 58 degrees, that was hardly bath water lapping onto the sand near SeaWalk Pavilion.
    • The higher ups never really considered the pressure they'd heaped on her but what I did hardly qualified as heroism.
    • Bomb making and inciting riots hardly qualify as youthful follies.
    • In sharp contrast, across the mass-media landscape, average workers hardly qualify as noble.
    • Kennedy is fully entitled to conduct his crusade to humble the medical profession, but this level of zeal hardly qualifies him for the conduct of a public inquiry.
    • I think it's a salutory consequence, hardly insignificant, but it's not Job One.
    • That hardly qualifies as an irrational act of an immoderate president.
    • It looked enormous, and even if you accept the police figure, 45,000 is hardly an insignificant number.
    • Some bloggers don't write very well, but that hardly qualifies as poetry.
    • The ‘big fat’ series hardly qualifies as reality, nor does Survivor, for that matter!
    • Even if true, that hardly proves the point that we should continue to turn a blind eye to those who are cheating the system.
    • The casting of a man in the role of Miss Pink had no apparent intended significance, yet it could hardly be insignificant.
    • Now, I think we can all agree that one of the closest elections in history can hardly qualify as a blowout.
    • Writing and ranting that is neither clever nor funny hardly qualifies as banter.
    • A rushed survey with a very small participation rate hardly qualifies as full consultation.
    • True, she is hardly a representative working mum - whatever that might be.
    • True, he was hardly put under pressure at the back but at least he busied himself around the field and was a particular threat up front.
    • A person who is in the throes of an addiction is hardly qualified to make that decision.
    • But the maxim that you can fall in love at any age could hardly be more true than for James Foster and Barbara Scott.
    • But that's hardly a true picture of what was available in that much-maligned decade.
    • The binding nature of the court's legal opinion is hardly a matter of true concern for Zionists.
    • It may be reasonable, but it hardly qualifies as a competent choice, even if it is successful.
    • The surly behaviour of the United camp to the foreign media has hardly qualified as a charm offensive on either front.
    • Many do drink to excess on special occasions, but this hardly qualifies as dangerous binging.
    • This sort of thing is rampant in the public sector though so hardly qualifies as news.
    • If it's true this was hardly a classic, it was a no holds barred derby with the occasional touch of class.
    • But these murderers are hardly qualified to judge what is a ‘hate crime’ and what is not.
    • While there is nothing objectionable about such sponsorship, it hardly qualifies as community involvement.
    • That was, in many ways true, but it hardly justifies colonization.
    • University administrators worry that too many students pursue business degrees, hardly a path of activism.