Translation of hark in Spanish:


escuchar, v.

Pronunciation /hɑrk/ /hɑːk/

Definition of escuchar in Spanish

intransitive verb

  • 1literary

    hark! I hear a nightingale singing ¡escucha! oigo cantar un ruiseñor
    • Nawasi, I speak to you of the future of your people, hark, child, listen.
    • But hark, I hear another mirthful chortle from the professor and I'm off into the undergrowth again in search of another tantalising discovery…
    • But hark… isn't that Carnatic music floating in the air?
    • So, hark, I venture forth into the narrow confines of this Northern Italian city, searching for the romance which so filled young Romeo's heart.
    • Oh wait a minute hark is that another threat from yonder that dost break?
  • 2British ironic

    hark who's talking! ¡mira quién habla!
    • hark at him! ¡habráse visto!