Traducción de hat en Español:


sombrero, n.

Pronunciación /hæt/ /hat/

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  • 1

    sombrero masculino
    to put on/to take off one's hat ponerse/quitarse el sombrero
    • hold / hang on to your hat! ¡agárrate!
    • to be old hat no ser nada nuevo
    • We walk away from the smattering of polo insiders wearing baseball caps and woolly hats, watching a practice game.
    • Turn out your cupboard for old straw sunhats, berets, baseball caps and felt hats.
    • There were felt hats and straw hats, decorated with feathers and flowers, ribbon and lace.
    • However, safari or straw hats also come to mind for the golfing and country club set.
    • Church hats, straw hats or a colorful scarf tied around the head is very popular with the older crowd.
    • The Stetson hats and baseball caps are whipped off when they begin with prayer.
    • Miss Sobania said on this occasion he wore a woolly hat instead of a helmet because it was cold.
    • The original style V-neck T-shirt have sold out as have woolly and beanie hats.
    • The man was wearing a long black raincoat and a hat and his face was hidden as he struggled with the dog.
    • This year's race on 2 November will be a day of hedonism and hats, of fashion shows and celebrities.
    • Behind the counter men in white kitchen uniforms with little paper hats prepared plates of burgers and fries.
    • The city look was updated with pinstripe suits worn with pork pie hats and maxi-length leather coats.
    • Straw hats vary in style, indicating either where the hat was made or where the wearer is from.
    • His suits were put into storage, and on went the beanie hats and jeans.
    • We've all seen Beckham with his tea cosy version of the woolly hat and Victoria in her baseball cap.
    • Raucous women of all ages, many of them wearing glittery cowboy hats, are screeching at each other loudly.
    • Dwarves, all wearing brightly coloured pointy hats, hurried pass on all manner of errands.
    • Staff and directors donned chef hats and aprons in the battle of the best cake.
    • They are both wearing Santa Claus hats, and they are out of their heads on Malibu.
    • Everybody is wearing cowboy hats, and it's hotter than it was in Texas when he left.
  • 2

    (indicating role, capacity)
    he spoke wearing his politician's hat habló como político