Translation of hatchery in Spanish:


criadero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhætʃəri/ /ˈhatʃəri/

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nounplural hatcheries

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    criadero masculine
    • The proposal to build big semi-submersible ships that would act as massive floating hatcheries and be used to restock the oceans with fish has been presented to the Spanish Government.
    • The second block is a windowless building containing various controlled environments for animals, fly breeding and hatcheries.
    • Creation of artificial hatcheries and placing restraining cages over nests proved counter-productive.
    • After the tiny oysters have grown to a certain size, they are ready to be removed from the hatchery.
    • To ensure healthy fry, farmers purchase fry from reliable hatcheries and also gauge the health of fry by visual inspection.
    • Some of our listed fish exist primarily in refugia at hatcheries.
    • Animal activists in the city have been drawing attention to the appalling lack of concern for animal welfare in hatcheries or intensive poultry farming centres.
    • Phalacrocoracids may pose an economic threat to fish farms or hatcheries.
    • Most Japanese oysters are maricultured, which means they are actually born in a hatchery where egg and sperm are artificially combined.
    • They are artificially nurtured in hatcheries before being released into cages.
    • Fish culturists were quick to present hatcheries as fish factories.
    • Efforts to increase salmon populations involved eliminating natural predators, developing hatcheries, planting fertilized salmon eggs in river beds, and raising salmon in ponds.
    • We intended to focus our efforts on corporate agribusiness operations, such as factory-style hatcheries, mushroom ‘farms,’ livestock feedlots and the massive greenhouses in the Leamington area.
    • The poults are then moved from the hatcheries to barns that are environmentally controlled, providing maximum protection from predators, disease, and bad weather.
    • The hatchery has been involved in rearing the fish after adult salmon were trapped at Killington and the eggs retrieved.
    • With a vigorous re-stocking programme from their hatchery at Kinnaber, Johnstons can take credit for the prolific runs enjoyed by netsmen and rod fishermen.
    • One way to buck the trend is to raise large numbers of fish in hatcheries and release them into the wild.
    • The majority of this year's returning salmon are not wild fish - they were raised in hatcheries.
    • Channel catfish stocks have been maintained in state and federal fish hatcheries in the southeastern and midwestern states for several decades to support sport fishing.
    • Brown says that, in the coming fall, a commercial hatchery with the capability of annually raising two million fish is preparing to open in Spaniard's Bay.