Translation of haunch in Spanish:


anca, n.

Pronunciation /hɔn(t)ʃ/ /hɑn(t)ʃ/ /hɔːn(t)ʃ/

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    (with masculine article in the singular) (of animal) anca feminine
    (of horse) grupa feminine
    (with masculine article in the singular) (of horse) anca feminine
    (of person) cadera feminine
    a haunch of venison una pierna de venado
    • They were built like cattle, with thick necks and big haunches.
    • They are easily ten times stronger than a human of similar height: no steroids could make a man accumulate such muscle mass on shoulders, back and haunches.
    • In the commentary to her plate, d' Arconville described the chest of the female as narrower, the spine more curved, and the haunches and pelvis larger in women than in men.
    • David moved behind him and, kneeling up on his strong and muscled haunches, began to slowly massage David's back and shoulders.
    • His arms and legs were thin as sticks, ribs clearly visible, belly flattened almost to his spine, bones angled sharply against the skin of his starved haunches.
    • His superb muscles tensed, great shoulders hunched, haunches low.
    • It shows its whites, its ears flicking, its haunches trembling - it senses their stalker nearby as well - but it is a good horse and stands its ground with him.
    • But, when agility is needed for quick stops, starts, jumping, quick rotations, carriage on the back haunches is desired.
    • The actual gargoyle itself was much shorter; it was hunched forward, claws raised in front of its shoulders and haunches tucked up underneath.
    • He dropped to his haunches, his elbows on her desk.
    • Siabra turned obediently to leave and Diego slapped his horn against her haunches, dodging her buck as he sent her off in a gallop toward the main road.
    • Explain how to walk around a horse at least 2 arm-lengths away from the horse's haunches and tail.
    • He rises quickly from the water, licks his haunches, and stands erect on short back legs.
    • Tears streamed down my face as Joel made his final attempt to ward the cat off before I picked up Joel's gun, only feet away from my toes, and shot the cat in its haunches.
    • A good workhorse, it was always said, should be well put together with powerful haunches as well as being short-coupled, which meant it must have a short back from withers to tail head.
    • And I'm back, having kicked the dog in the haunches and sent him off whimpering.
    • We got lost in a forest and Scottish Frank came and found us, placing a hand on Shinto's trembling haunch and a cold beer in my hot palm.
    • He broke off to kick one of the mules on the haunch as it stamped uneasily towards the side.
    • IT WAS October 1998, and the cows were rubbing their haunches against the walls of my caravan, making it wobble.
    • When ‘Lil’ laid down to foal, her haunches were against the wall, so within a few contractions the foal was stuck half in the mare and half in the wall.