Translation of health in Spanish:


salud, n.

Pronunciation /hɛlθ/

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    (physical condition)
    salud feminine
    (reasons/problems) (before noun) de salud
    (policy/services) sanitario
    (policy/services) de salud pública
    (inspector/regulations) de sanidad
    to be in good/poor health estar bien/mal de salud
    • he's worried about his health está preocupado por su salud
    • on grounds of ill health por motivos de salud
    • it's good/bad for your health es bueno/malo para la salud
    • the government's policy on health la política sanitaria del gobierno
    • health authority autoridad sanitaria
    • health education educación sanitaria
    • health hazard riesgo para la salud
    • health worker trabajador sanitario
    • One of the functions of day services is to maintain people in good mental health and to prevent relapse.
    • My mental health began to deteriorate and by January I was in hospital after an overdose.
    • No set qualifications are needed but applicants must be in good physical health.
    • Her concerns about contact do not appear to be irrational and relating to poor mental health.
    • It may be that associated with ongoing stress her mental health has deteriorated.
    • Here's another thing that leads to bad health, depression and general low morale.
    • At the start of this journey, his health was bad, yes, but that was nothing compared to now.
    • People who are lower in the hierarchy tend to have worse health and shorter life expectancy.
    • Thereafter, in bad health, he took little part in military or civil affairs of state.
    • People who are excluded from work have worse health and a lower expectation of life.
    • Patrick du Val suffered from bad health as a child and was educated mostly by his mother.
    • Low levels of autonomy and low self esteem are likely to be related to worse health.
    • No matter what your age, you can increase your chances of early breast cancer detection by being vigilant about protecting your good health.
    • An innovative scheme to promote good mental health will be offered to Swindon residents next month.
    • The Association is a charitable organisation to promote good mental health and to assist the mentally ill.
    • Fortunately, regular exercise, eating well and maintaining good overall health can slow these changes.
    • Bodies speak their distress in physical ill health, mental distress, and self-destructive behaviour.
    • Patients with schizophrenia suffer from increased physical ill health and excess mortality.
    • There are unacceptable geographical inequities in the levels of sexual ill health and service provision.
    • But the bug proved resistant to antibiotics and the patient's health deteriorated rapidly.
    • Take one step at a time and walk your way to health with a free, short walk led by a trained volunteer.
    • I hear that they pose health risks to the local population at this time of year.
    • Her concerns include possible health risks to children and the blight on her property.
    • He is satisfied that there was no health risk from the clean-up of the first site.
    • The next most serious and widespread health risk to humans comes from salmonella in pigs.
    • If cannabis was legalised then health risks would not be such a major issue!
    • By threatening to spread diseases, the meat trade also risks health and safety.
    • Environmental health manager Ken Jones said the risk to public health was increasing.
    • The FSA has stressed there was no immediate risk to public health from the bottled water.
    • Shops are putting customers' health at risk by selling food beyond its use-by date.
    • Your children's health is at risk if you are often to be found lying on the sofa with a bottle of beer and a packet of crisps.
    • More and more people are piling on the pounds and putting their health at risk.
    • My health is at risk through stress and the mast has not even been erected yet.
    • He was not given protective masks or clothing, or warned of the risk to his health.
    • The site makes the list of shame for potential risk to public health and to the environment.
    • Council lawyers said they do not consider the pigeon feeding to be a risk to public health.
    • They risk damaging their own health and can put a terrible strain on their families.
    • The foremost risk to health with using this drug is that you never know what you are getting.
    • If it upsets people, that is a small price to pay when your child's health is at risk.
    • The raven indicates serious illness, obstacles to health and a decline in the life force.
  • 2

    (freedom from disease)
    salud feminine
    to drink (to) sb's health brindar por algn
    • your health! ¡salud!