Translation of health insurance in Spanish:

health insurance

seguro de enfermedad, n.


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    seguro de enfermedad masculine
    • Employers who provide health insurance to spouses must offer insurance to registered domestic partners.
    • As additional workers lose their health insurance, they use hospital emergency rooms as a last resort.
    • She retained her pension, health insurance, and other benefits.
    • She wasn't entitled to a refund under her private health insurance policy as she was not covered for outpatient services.
    • Cosmetic surgery isn't covered by health insurance.
    • Employees who belonged to a union were much more likely to be covered by health insurance through their main job than non-union workers.
    • Many unemployed workers and their families go without health insurance.
    • He organized a rally to protest against the hikes to health insurance payments.
    • The number of Americans living below the poverty line has increased, and so has the number of Americans without health insurance.
    • We need to work out a system that includes a greater emphasis on preventive care and sufficient public funding for health insurance for those who cannot afford it in the private sector.