Traducción de heap en español:


montón, n.

Pronunciación /hip/ /hiːp/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(pile)

      montón masculino
      pila femenino
      • Everything from framed pictures to cricket memorabilia were laid out in heaps on the floor, as they were photographed as part of an official record.
      • Wet, bloody feathers lay in heaps on the floor. ‘They go in dressed, and come out undressed,’ jokes the factory manager.
      • Or, if you are planning on a Christmas theme, your Christmas wedding favors may be in the form of crackers, piled in heaps around the tables for guests to collect.
      • Fall leaves lay in heaps on the ground, enveloping the road as well.
      • My eyes traveled in horror to the base of the toilet where a pile of towels and a once vibrant yellow shag rug lay in heaps.
      • Giant sting rays pile up in heaps on the adjacent sea floor.
      • Plastics, metals and other recyclable materials lay in heaps everywhere, waiting to be trucked to smelters.
      • Hundreds of scrolls were tucked neatly away on wooden shelves or piled in heaps next to the walls so they would not catch on fire.
      • This is stacked in heaps by the women and children and is set alight once it is dry.
      • Additionally, over 50,000 tons of solid waste produced every year lie in heaps in and around the city.
      • The rest is burned in heaps on the ground and never smoked at all.
      • Helpings are always liberal and strictly in heaps.
      • Mats and blankets moldered in heaps in a corner and people seemed picky about which they selected.
      • You undressed quickly, leaving your clothes in an untidy heap on the floor.
      • A janitor at Ryko looked down at the broom he was pushing and noticed he had collected a big heap of old Zappa albums that have been rattling around the warehouse for a chunk of the last decade.
      • I've been putting this off for days now but there's only so long you can live with your clothes in a big heap on the floor and your shoes scattered randomly across your bedroom.
      • I dug through the heap of clothes that had collected into a mountain on one corner of my room and found my favorite pair of jeans.
      • And neither is the termite mound a heap, a haphazard pile of dirt.
      • Ignoring her gown from the previous evening, which lay in a crumpled heap on the floor, she opted instead for a blue and white striped shirt from the pile of clothes on the leather armchair.
      • She left her clothes in a tidy heap on the floor, since she didn't know where the laundry basket was.

    • 1.2coloquial (car)

      cacharro masculino coloquial
      • I could list off a whole heap of things that are sitting in my room that I couldn't stand to see get broken, wrecked, destroyed or misplaced.
      • He gives you some great gig in which you make a whole heap of money, and you're just on top of the world and on every magazine cover, but your personal life is miserable.
      • As it was, I bought a few things for myself, and a whole heap of Christmas presents (two of which got broken on the way back, sadly).
      • But a whole heap of relatively strange things happened too.
      • Well I've sold a whole heap of parts to people, nobody's ever come back and asked me where I got the parts from.
      • We give them a whole heap of strategies at our workshop.
      • There's a whole heap of things I ought to be filling my time with.
      • I want to get to a whole heap of Art Galleries and Museums too.
      • Now I know this may get me into a whole heap of trouble, but I couldn't help feeling this novel might prove more popular with ladies than gentlemen.
      • But it'll also be a huge learning curve, an incredible thrill and, every once in a while, a whole heap of fun.
      • An ex-girlfriend advised me to take cod liver oil as a supplement to help suppress this, but I can't say that my daily dose has made a whole heap of difference.
      • So the ‘agreement’ referred to in the AP story is tenuous, at best, and at worst, lacks a whole heap of context that renders it meaningless.
      • The retro releases have resurrected the original college colors plus a whole heap of collaborations have kept the integrity intact.
      • There's a whole heap of side effects with that, so it's hard to know which part was making me sicker, whether it was the disease or the drug.
      • Even decoded, the instructions on the tag don't make a whole heap of sense.
      • There is a whole heap of issues that need to be thought through.
      • There was a whole heap of resistance to the initial spraying round.
      • The police had set up roadblocks immediately, and at one point that night a whole heap of people tried to bust through the roadblock in cars and on foot.
      • So he had infiltrated our houses and let in heaps of ants.

  • 2coloquial

    • 2.1(a lot)

      heaps or (US also) a heap of sth montones / un montón de algo coloquial

    • 2.2

      it's heaps better/bigger es muchísimo mejor/más grande
      • it's a heap better/bigger es muchísimo mejor/más grande

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (make pile)
    • Piles of wood were heaped up at crossroads and street corners.
    • When building homes, dusky-footed wood rats heap sticks into protective piles that may reach several feet in height and width.
    • The amount of garbage the city generates is staggering—piles and piles of rubbish are heaped on the sidewalks by the end of the day.
    • Nothing else was about, save for the pile of small stones heaped by the grateful as a thank-offering to the ancient water spirit of the place.
    • This version uses brown bread rather than white and between the buttery sandwiches is heaped chunky hot ginger jam, sometimes sold as ginger marmalade, but usually as ginger conserve.
    • Avoid dung or urine patches and areas where fertiliser or lime was heaped or spilled.
    • I turned back to where several other servants were heaping various meats, cheeses and fruits onto my plate, and I noticed that none was going onto Hayden's.
    • He heaped sugar over the coffee powder in the cup.
    • When did they disappear, those piles of snow that had been heaped up in the park in Ripon?
    • Each section provided men for the experiment and tons of dirt and gravel were heaped on the pavement and, for a time at least, expedited travel within the area considerably.
    • Bloodstained clothing, papers and trash were heaped everywhere.
    • The men left on guard outside the caves placed plastic sheets over their entrances and heaped dirt on them for camouflage.
    • At the rare dinner parties I was invited to, the hostesses heaped carrots and peas on my plate (and if I was lucky, mashed potatoes).
    • In the Oklahoma case, over 12 tons of material were heaped in storerooms, but much of it was never touched, let alone properly analysed by investigators.
    • Excavation has shown that instead of removing the peat which was shallow at this point, a thin layer of sand was spread over the top of the peat, and gravel with some sand was heaped over to form a low agger.
    • Spread a mulch of wood chips, cocoa bean hulls, or the like around the plant, taking care not to heap the material around the rose's trunk.
    • They're all heaped up in two towering piles, along with the old battening.
    • Coals were then heaped around the crucible, but while tending the fire the canon craftily placed above the crucible a special coal, one that had been hollowed out, filled with silver filings and stopped with wax.
    • After a moment's hesitation, she heaped straw over the man so no one else would see him.
    • As the cross is secured, the youngsters heap the combustible material around the pole, and it is set ablaze by the man to last marry in the village.
  • 2

    (supply liberally)
    she heaped food onto his plate orheaped his plate with food le llenó el plato de comida
    • awards and recognition were heaped upon her recibió multitud de galardones
    • to heap praise on sb colmar a algn de alabanzas
    • to heap blame on sb echarle todas las culpas a algn
  • 3EEUU heaping present participle

    • Spread the beef slices out on a worktop and spoon a heaped tablespoon of filling into the centre of each.
    • Once most of the crystals have dissolved, add another heaped spoon and continue to agitate, checking periodically on your progress.
    • When the butter has melted, whisk in a heaped tablespoon of flour and keep whisking (over a low heat) until the sauce thickens.
    • Stir a heaped teaspoon of mustard into the soup and then check the flavour, adding more mustard as required.
    • Put a heaped cup of tomato sauce in the centre of the pizza and spread with the back of a wooden spoon.
    • Make about 18 small balls of the mixture, using a heaped tablespoon of pork for each one.
    • Tip a heaped teaspoon of cheese into the hollow then cover it with a second tablespoon of chicken mixture.
    • Also, check the balance with a heaped bucket of spoil.
    • Each time I brought a heaped spoonful to his mouth, he would greedily suck it all in.
    • Lance gulped down the remainder of his wine, and looked from her to her still heaping plate.
    • She watched as he added a heaping spoonful to his second slice.
    • He may be palatable in small slices, but in heaping helpings, he's enough to put you off your pudding for good.
    • Ally brought the heaping plate of cookies to the table and set them in front of Rob.
  • 4Britanico heaped past participle