Traducción de heart en Español:


corazón, n.

Pronunciación /hɑrt/ /hɑːt/

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  • 1

    • 1.1Anatomía

      corazón masculino
      (disease) (before noun) del corazón
      (disease) (before noun) cardíaco
      (operation) de(l) corazón
      heart complaint dolencia cardíaca
      • It rises to a peak, called the systolic pressure, at the height of the contraction of each heartbeat as the heart pumps blood out.
      • The valve that controls blood flow between the left ventricle of the heart and the aorta.
      • A murmur is the sound of blood being pumped through the heart's chambers and valves.
      • Heart disease is a term used to refer to diseases of the heart and blood vessel system.
      • Right heart failure affects the side of the heart that pumps blood to the lungs.
      • The right side of the heart pumps blood from the body back to the lungs to be reoxygenated.
      • Systolic pressure is the amount of pressure when the heart pumps blood into the arteries.
      • The ejection fraction is a measure of the ability of the heart to pump blood.
      • It simply means that your heart isn't pumping blood through the body as well as it should.
      • Instead it is when the heart cannot pump blood around the body efficiently.
      • Here's a look at how your heart works to pump blood and vital nutrients throughout your body.
      • For example, there is a shortage of replacement organs such as hearts, lungs, kidneys, livers, etc.
      • Eventually these embryos succumbed due to the lack of correct blood flow with two hearts pumping into the same set of blood vessels.
      • Whilst there is breath in our lungs and blood pumping in our hearts there is hope!
      • Researchers have been working for some time on ways to enable kidneys, hearts, and other organs from pigs to be transplanted to humans, as a way of overcoming the chronic shortage of human donor organs.
      • It tends to be a forgotten transplant, I think most people tend to think of organ transplants like hearts and kidneys etc.
      • The Holy Grail is actually growing an organ, because people need livers, they need hearts, they need pancreases; how far down the track is that?
      • It is increased in failing human hearts and contributes to the loss of the heart's contractile strength during the development of heart failure.
      • All the patients in this study had hearts that could not pump blood properly.
      • The device has a tube entering the left ventricle, the heart's main pumping chamber.

    • 1.2(nature)

      to have a good/kind heart tener buen corazón
      • to have a cold heart ser duro de corazón
      • to have a cruel heart no tener corazón
      • suffering had turned his heart to stone los sufrimientos le habían endurecido el corazón

    • 1.3(inmost feelings)

      in his heart he knew it was hopeless en su fuero interno sabía que no había esperanza

  • 2

    • 2.1(compassion)

      to have heart tener buen corazón
      • you've no heart! ¡no tienes corazón!
      • a company with heart una empresa humana
      • to be all heart ser todo corazón
      • his heart went out to the orphans le daban mucha lástima los huérfanos

    • 2.2(love, affection)

      to take sb/sth to one's heart tomarle cariño a algn/algo

    • 2.3(enthusiasm, inclination)

      my/her/his heart wasn't in it lo hacía sin ganas / sin poner entusiasmo

  • 3

    (courage, morale)
    ánimos masculino
    my heart was light as I set off on the journey con el corazón alegre, me puse en camino
    • to put new / fresh heart into sb dar nuevos ánimos a algn
    • my heart was in my boots tenía el ánimo por los suelos
    • my/her heart sank se me/le cayó el alma a los pies
    • to be in good heart tener la moral muy alta
    • Abandoning pretty pictures, car chases and clichés is something to be applauded if it means films made with heart and soul.
    • At first Stiles took heart; the film was good, she was proud of everybody's work and knew that some day people would get to see it.
    • I took heart from this Easter post by Rebecca on the resurrection of Jesus.
    • Tyrone took heart from the miss and finished as strongly as they started.
    • Erratic, uneven and hyperactive it may be, but this is home-made film-making with heart and soul.
    • Our hope is that our songs are strong enough to be covered or played different ways and still retain heart and soul.
    • Unionists took heart from Mr Adams' comment that his party wanted to ensure the poll took place in the best atmosphere.
    • However captain Richard Roberts took heart from his squad's performance.
    • Carrisi has a high and powerful voice and sings with a lot of heart and soul.
    • She took heart from the performance of the winner of her event in Sydney.
    • Both had given heart and soul and a lot more besides to win the match and yet one was the victor and the other vanquished.
    • He took heart that Labour did not need to introduce any affirmative action for this election.
    • He lives and breathes pantomime and every year puts heart and soul into his productions.
    • I took heart from Dr Duke's belief that the smarter you are, the harder it is to solve.
    • Their electronics, guitars, heart and soul have also made them one of the most influential bands of all time.
    • Southern Ontario's underground rock scene discovered some local history and took heart.
    • Glenflesk though obviously disappointed can take heart from the display of a relatively young side.
    • Arciris concluded her talk by urging young and old not to be complacent and to take heart.
    • I wanted heart and passion from the players at half-time and they certainly displayed that
    • The Thai fought with heart and desire but that will very seldom beat speed, experience and power.
  • 4

    • 4.1(central part)

      the heart of the city/country el corazón / centro de la ciudad/del país
      • in the heart of the countryside en pleno campo
      • the heart of the fighting/battle lo más violento del combate/de la batalla
      • the heart of the matter/problem el meollo / el quid del asunto/de la cuestión
      • at the heart of this dispute/conflict en el centro de esta disputa/este conflicto

    • 4.2

      (of cabbage, lettuce) cogollo masculino
      (of apple) corazón masculino
      • It is a central location in the heart of Saskatoon and it should be pretty easy to get to.
      • The national capital is Mexico City, situated in the heart of central Mexico.
      • In the heart of the vast central square of the place she caught sight of a recognizable object.
      • The Vaal rises in the central heart of South Africa and debouches many hundreds of miles later into the Atlantic Ocean.
      • In the heart of the central medallion is an eight-petalled flower symbolizing the centre of the universe.
      • Deep in the heart of Central India there is a wild forest surrounded by sheer 1,200 feet high cliffs.
      • Modern viticulture Uzbekistan is in the very heart of central Asia, on the same latitude as Italy.
      • The historic heart of the city is centrally situated on the northwest axis, and towards the eastern border.
      • The Pavilion will be built in Victoria Square in the heart of the city.
      • I'm referring to London Court situated in the heart of the city in the Hay Street Mall.
      • But some of the barracks to which the armed men would return under the new order are located in the heart of the city.
      • A stunning garden at the heart of the city's European Flower Festival stopped workers and shoppers in their tracks.
      • Each of these shows will play in the heart of Cork City to about 3,000 people.
      • The old heart of the city is earmarked for major regeneration.
      • A retail developer that breathed new life into a road that was once the heart of a city has won a major award for the pioneering scheme.
      • An immense barrier through the heart of the city, the connector ends at the parking garage.
      • The answer is Pirates for Peace, a radio station for young people based at the Albert Basin in the heart of the city.
      • Rabat and Sale were the twin cities at the heart of this Republic.
      • We were standing on the roof of Mushtaq's school in Aminabad, the oldest quarter of the city and the heart of old Lucknow.
      • Police raids along Katondo street in the heart of the capital city, Lusaka, are not new.
      • When I reached into the neat row of hearts of Romaine lettuce, I felt a shock shoot up from the tip of my finger, through my arm, right through my shoulder.
      • Others win because they simply save a lot of time: beans, roasted red peppers, roasted green chilies, and artichoke hearts and bottoms.
      • Put in the artichoke hearts chopped roughly and add salt, pepper and sugar.
      • When most of the tomato juice is heated away, add the artichoke hearts.

  • 5

    (heart-shaped object)
    corazón masculino
    • She looked down and noticed that she was wearing her pajamas; a purple t-shirt and a pair of white pajama bottoms with hearts on them.
    • From her ears now hung two earrings with stylized garnet hearts at the bottom of them.
    • The last thing you find is a pair of earrings that have hearts dangling at the bottom.
    • Montanans have used a wide variety of artistic brands - from hearts and crosses and dots and triangles to circles and half moons, even swastikas.
    • The Mohegan Sun wedding cake is vanilla flavored and decorated with bows and hearts.
    • The day associated with tacky red hearts, cards, chocolates and flowers also has a spiritual root that is being explored by the Newbridge parish.
  • 6

    • 6.1(card)

      corazón masculino
      • Players must follow suit if possible, and a player with no cards of the suit led must play a heart.
      • Each heart scores one point, and the queen of spades scores 13 points.
      • Then you play the three big hearts and after them, lead both of your trumps.

    • 6.2hearts(suit)

      corazones masculino
      hearts is / are trumps triunfan corazones
      • the ace of hearts el as de corazones
      • There are four suits (spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs); however, no suit is higher than another.
      • There is no ranking between the suits - so for example the king of hearts and the king of spades are equal.
      • The owner said they were arguing about which way the queen of hearts looks in a pack of cards.
      • The classic order of suits is hearts above diamonds, and spades above clubs.
      • For example, playing the queen of hearts indicates to your partner that you have a strong diamonds.
      • A Courage card's courage is represented by its face value (i.e. a seven of hearts has a courage of seven) or fifteen if it is a face card.
      • For example, a ten of hearts, jack of diamonds, queen of clubs, and king of hearts is a keeper over a pair of 10s.
      • If anyone gets the 2 of hearts dealt up, he has automatically won.
      • This straight can be of mixed suits, for example: 2 of diamonds, 3 of clubs, 4 of spades, 5 of hearts.
      • Diamonds are highest, followed by clubs, then spades, then hearts.
      • Lots of low spades are usually good but can win lots of hearts.
      • Thus, if the first card played is the eight of hearts, the next player may play any eight, or he may play the seven or nine of hearts.
      • Next, blindly and randomly remove from each deck six clubs and six hearts.
      • It can be played to a heart lead and if it is led, hearts must be followed.
      • To collect the king-queen stake you have to play the queen and king of hearts consecutively.
      • For every trick that is taken, ten points are awarded, provided that it contains no hearts.
      • Saving both spades worked out very well for Ann because Bill saved spades rather than hearts.
      • Before the set, the two and three of spades and the two and three of hearts should be removed from the deck.
      • That is, you can only bid hearts on hearts, clubs on clubs etc.
      • All of the hearts go on hearts and clubs go on clubs and so on.