Translation of hearten in Spanish:


alentar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈhɑrtn/ /ˈhɑːt(ə)n/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    they were heartened by the public's response la respuesta del público los alentó / les dio ánimos
    • For those who think the appreciation of old clocks will decline, Jeff has heartening news.
    • I arrive home and am heartened by the sight of my dog sitting patiently in front of the gates awaiting my arrival.
    • The only people who want to hear bad news are the people who are heartened by failure.
    • This consistently upbeat catalogue song lists those relatively ordinary phenomena which exhilarate and hearten Maria, from raindrops on roses to doorbells and sleighbells to wild geese on moonlit flight.
    • Bartley viewed himself as an optimist, and was heartened by what he had observed during his career.
    • Our display attracted a lot of attention and we were heartened by kind words of support and encouragement that we received.
    • I am heartened by the quality of our people and I feel confident of meeting any future challenges.
    • And more importantly, there's a lot of reading going on right now: that heartens me.
    • The vehement protest against the validity of these charges actually heartens me, and I'm beginning to think maybe I was wrong to level them.
    • A factor which heartens them is the sprawling river bed, to a length of nearly seven kilometres and an average breadth of 200 metres.
    • Mary Jane smells old leaves, and the dusty, familiar scent heartens her.
    • How heartening it is to see that, just occasionally, the good people can still Make It Big, for all the right reasons.
    • In the urban setting, where most of us live the most heartening thing I keep coming across is tarmac, and kids playing on it.
    • How heartening it was to witness the hosts of students and their families at the University of York open day recently.
    • How heartening it is in these cruel and trite times to know that real talent may still receive its just reward.
    • The other heartening factor is that so many guys have shown what they can do.
    • He is heartened too by the likelihood of last year's arrivals from the Nationwide, Bolton, Blackburn and Fulham staying up.
    • I'm also heartened that more public servants have found the courage to come out and tell the truth about this government.
    • The organizers of Saturday's antiwar protests in the US could not have been very heartened by the turnouts at the biggest events.
    • He was heartened when they asked ‘tough’ questions at the interview about how he would do the job.