Translation of hearty in Spanish:


campechano, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈhɑrdi/ /ˈhɑːti/

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adjective heartier, heartiest

  • 1

    • 1.1(boisterous)

      (person) campechano
      (person) bullanguero
      (laughter) sonoro
      (laughter) desbordante
      • He received a few awed stares, many cheerful greetings and a hearty handshake from the leader of the family.
      • Williamson then strode out to a hearty cheer from the British fans.
      • There were no smiles, back slapping or hearty handshakes.
      • Although he is now housed in an open prison, and he maintains a certain hearty cheerfulness, few doubt that Archer has been chastened by his prison experience.
      • Now, on this hot August evening, Vlad bounded across the ridge to give me a hearty Soviet backslap.
      • Snow animals head north and west, where the white stuff is celebrated by hearty souls eager to celebrate the real essence of winter at seasonal festivals.
      • Once again, on behalf of the entire side of the community, I would like to extend a warm, fraternal and hearty welcome to you all.
      • The woman began to laugh a loud, free, hearty laugh.
      • He bursts into loud, hearty laughter, and refuses to be drawn.
      • The courtier did not seem to notice the sarcasm dripping from her voice, and responded with a warm, hearty laugh.
      • He laughs easily too; a loud, hearty bark, full of joy.
      • She has an infectious humour, a hearty laugh and can fill a room with her cheerful personality.
      • He is a good guy and, like all good people, he is loud with a hearty laugh.
      • Anna throws back her head and laughs, loud and hearty.
      • At the heart of an optimistic spirit is a hearty sense of humor.
      • That sort of warm repartee - delivered, as always, with a hearty guffaw - is one of the things Beazley detractors are suspicious about.
      • There is nothing like 15-20 minutes of hearty laughter in the morning to keep you in good spirits throughout the day.
      • An outstanding athlete in his youth and noted for his hearty, outgoing character, Bellows is best known for his boxing scenes.
      • Of all the gifts bestowed by nature on human beings, hearty laughter must be close to the top.
      • Broadbent in particular, with his broad, hearty features stuffed into an ambiguous character, makes a lasting impact in a tiny role.

    • 1.2(warm, enthusiastic)

      (welcome) caluroso
      they gave three hearty cheers for the team con gran entusiasmo lanzaron tres hurras por el equipo
      • heartiest congratulations on your promotion mi más cordial enhorabuena / mis más calurosas felicitaciones por tu ascenso
      • We all gave our hearty approval and went out for a good long walk afterward to clear the pipes.
      • His declaration won hearty approval from his peers.
      • And it's not only the name and a love of books that has filtered down through the generations but a hearty love of plants.
      • Many of us have sung Charles Wesley's great hymn with hearty approval.
      • All this does not look exactly like hearty disgust and repudiation of the foreign system.
      • He looked at me, a mixture of disapproval and hearty congratulations.
      • Finally, a hearty congratulations to Sligo cyclist Mark Scanlon on his wonderful performance in the greatest of all cycle races - the Tour de France.
      • In particular, I wish to offer hearty congratulations on the way you outwitted the Government over the trade practices law business earlier this week.
      • I get hearty congratulations from C and we hang up.
      • Minister McDowell extended his hearty congratulations to the new assistant commissioner and wished him all the best in his new post.
      • Otherwise Hugh would have said something about my hearty agreement to co-host at the State Fair in August.
      • And they are all reading this right now, nodding their heads in hearty agreement!
      • We would like to add our hearty agreement to a letter sent in by Phil Pybus.
      • The one thing that the fellow countrymen had in common was a hearty, mutual dislike.
      • Besides missing the love of his life, Jonathon is having a great time playing for the Crusaders and is impressed with the hearty Yorkshire welcome he has received.
      • And I'd like to say a hearty thanks to the no-help desk for taking 4 hours of my day to reactivate my login.
      • Okay, so they have a lifestyle unique to themselves and we can give hearty thanks for that fact.
      • We wish them a hearty and cordial welcome and long and peaceful lives in our parish community.
      • Anyhow I'm told they had a hearty send off that morning when Patricia, Anne, Tracey and Stephanie all turned up to cook them a lovely breakfast in the club before they set off.

    • 1.3(healthy)

      (appetite) bueno
      John is a hearty eater John es de buen comer
      • But you may have to leave it until after your catch has been cooked up for you (try it fried in coconut batter), as you'll find all that sea air gives you a hearty appetite.
      • The menu caters to nibblers and hearty appetites alike..
      • But at some point the hearty appetite begins to look like escapism.
      • The bird, a handsome creature with glossy brown feathers and a hearty appetite, immediately starts eating everything it sees.
      • Having worked up hearty appetite just thinking about all the calories burnt off in a hockey match I was in the mood for some lunch.
      • Of course a day in the saddle means hearty appetites, picnics notwithstanding.
      • We then went up and tried our own particular choices, with Madame having a hearty appetite that evening, as you will have seen from the photograph of her plate!
      • He had a hearty appetite, took very little exercise, and spent his days sitting at his office desk and most evenings sitting in front of the fire, listening to the wireless.
      • This is often easier for men with hearty appetites than for weight-conscious women.
      • My editor thinks we have much in common (not least of which is our very hearty appetites).
      • Having built up a hearty appetite during the day, they will head to Church Station for dinner on Saturday.
      • The menu has choices to suit both those with hearty appetites and those who are seeking lighter fare.
      • Sipping ales and arguing into the afternoon gave us the opportunity to work up a hearty appetite.
      • The underwear designer with the hearty appetite ordered the 10 oz prime sirloin steak garnished with sautéed onions and mushrooms.
      • She cited the light servings, making them well-suited for less hearty appetites.
      • The children's hearty appetites and smiling faces made the trip a real joy for everyone who participated.
      • As long as we have hearty appetites the delicious dumpling will always find a place on our tables and room in our bellies.
      • Maybe this venue is busier in the evenings or is attractive to families with hearty unsophisticated appetites.
      • Unless handicapped by any chronic ailment, he or she will have a hearty enough appetite but will avoid edibles that require strong teeth to tackle.
      • He is a family boy, he looks as if he has a good, hearty appetite for food and he is bound to have the best BMX on the block.
      • A hale and hearty person suddenly loses consciousness and is rushed to the hospital, with his blood pressure and pulse not recordable.
      • A hale and hearty friend was earnestly counting the number of weekends she had left to live - given the average length of years a woman might live.
      • He had been a hale and hearty man, and she watched him as he lost a tremendous amount of weight.
      • The serpent grew into an enormous and hearty fellow.
      • I thought that was the point, all lusty, hearty boys together at sea.
      • As Numero Uno, the hearty Russell North has recognised that the club is in its youth.
      • The cloned soldiers look, think, and act alike, and their performance in battle proves beyond a doubt that they are hearty and hale members of the human race.
      • She uncovered the babe's face and showed it me, a hearty girl, red-faced, strong-fingered.
      • It made Duvessa proud to be from such a hearty family.
      • The only thing is, I'm a little concerned, because though they're hearty folk, and far too wicked to die young, they're neither of them as young as once they were.
      • They were greeted by a large, hearty woman with rosy cheeks.
      • His name was Chen Yen-Hsi, a short, stout, but hearty man by any measure of the word.
      • That's the affectionate nickname for the hearty folks who will be on the pier on the coldest, most bone-chilling day of winter.
      • That demands strong swimming skills and hearty lungs besides.
      • He looks hale, hearty, and healthy - except for the wires.
      • John was in hale and hearty form on the day and we wish him continued good health and happiness in the future and many more birthdays and celebrations such as this for many more years to come.
      • This adds up to considerable risk, even for hale and hearty Biff.
      • Anecdotal evidence has long pointed to crofters being a hale and hearty breed - albeit prone to bad backs and the odd grumble.

  • 2

    • 2.1(vigorous)

      (shove/kick) fuerte
      to take a hearty dislike to sb/sth tomarle antipatía a algn/algo

    • 2.2(substantial)

      (meal) abundante
      (stew/soup) sustancioso
      (stew/soup) suculento
      • Bulgarian food was hearty meat and potatoes fare.
      • These go well with Mexican foods, hearty sausages and smoky flavors.
      • Deciding that the offered meal of a hearty beef stew would be a godsend I happily handed over the very last of my money.
      • I'm making Shepherd's Pie for tea; hearty food that sticks your ribs together.
      • James believes the way forward is to go backward: back to the basic, hearty food our grandmothers used to cook.
      • I slave for hours on end in poor working conditions just to bring you a single morsel of edible hearty food!
      • The food is equally hearty, and even the cakes have a rocky, challenging quality.
      • For food professionals, winter is the time for hearty foods, for steamy fish stews, rashers of bacon, and platter upon platter of broiled meats.
      • Korean food is hearty, boldly flavoured, and highly nutritious.
      • Meat pies, joints of mutton, and other hearty foods are most likely to be served.
      • The food is hearty, the beer cold and conversation excellent.
      • Fresh air, bracing walks, hearty food and reading are on the agenda.
      • At such times, singing, dancing and of course, plenty of hearty food were part of the celebration.
      • There's proper, hearty food, and I guess there's something wintery about ale.
      • This is good hearty food like they had before their ancestors discovered waistlines!
      • Good hearty food is the order of the day, but it does offer the odd lighter dish for those watching their waistlines.
      • It was served warm and was surprisingly hearty, with a few twigs of fresh thyme thrown in for texture.
      • Back on dry land we warm up with a hearty buffet, eaten al fresco among the midges.
      • Choose dinners under 300 calories only if they're hearty, like a protein-heavy dish.
      • If that doesn't sound hearty, just check out the ‘Hearty Fare’ section of the menu.

nounplural hearties

  • 1 archaic

    me hearties! ¡mis valientes!
    • I wanted to add, ‘there, me hearties,’ but ‘ahoj’ is actually the Czech equivalent of ‘ciao’, rather than a pirate greeting.
    • Submit your answer in the comments below, me hearties.
    • I'd like a pepperoni pizza, me hearties, and you're starting to talk like a pirate.
    • Loot deemed this a fine occasion to poke his head from Penknife's collar and give tongue to a loud ‘Me hearties!’
  • 2British informal

    troglodita masculine informal, humorous
    • Outside, the green wellies were locked in battle with police musclemen as inside the sergeant-at-arms and his band of merry men in ladies' black tights, frock-coats and swords were chasing hearties around the Mace.
    • It should be noted at this stage that - contrary to what the reader might expect - the Carrick hearties were not all in the first flush of youth - some of them were in their 50s, which just goes to show what a spirited place Carrick is.
    • Easiest of all is getting 27 able-bodied hearties to go with him, one of them a stowaway.