Translation of hedgerow in Spanish:


seto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɛdʒˌroʊ/ /ˈhɛdʒrəʊ/


  • 1

    seto masculine
    seto verde masculine
    seto vivo masculine
    • It will gobble up your fields and hedgerows, your trees and wildlife habitats.
    • Separating the large fields are hedgerows of native and nonnative woody plants.
    • The morning is spent gathering food which grows wild in fields, hedgerows and on the seashore.
    • The entire site is screened by good-sized trees and hedgerows, giving shelter.
    • The 90 acres of grassland, bordered by hawthorn hedgerows, is home to hundreds of plants, birds and insects.
    • Work would also be carried out to strengthen existing hedgerows by additional tree planting, and further footpaths would be built.
    • Most of the trees survive mainly in hedgerows and near rivers and ponds.
    • Does anyone plan to plant trees as a hedgerow to block the wind?
    • However, it did manage to spread to a neighbouring hedgerow and stubble field.
    • Here the fields are relatively small and are divided by hedgerows made up of a dozen or more native plant species.
    • Permanent pastures have shrunk, wild flowers have been killed by pesticides and hedgerows have disappeared.
    • A mix of several types of shrubs in a hedgerow is more effective than using one type of plant for the entire hedge.
    • It is an important arable weed, commonly found in hedgerows, and mature plants often use upright species for support.
    • The special job on this belly-busting operation is to thin seedlings and new shrubs in the hedgerows.
    • The private patio at the side of the house is a suntrap, surrounded by shrubs and hedgerows.
    • Tall trees within hedgerows are used by birds as song posts, nest sites and vantage points.
    • The camouflage is even better if we ride close to hedgerows and trees.
    • These items can become stuck on trees or in hedgerows and cause a blight on the landscape.
    • Most of the trees, hawthorn hedgerows and open meadowland will cease to exist.
    • Wherever possible, build the stacks of bales on a sandy base well away from hedgerows and trees.