Translation of heedless in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈhidləs/ /ˈhiːdləs/

See Spanish definition of inconsciente


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    heedless of sth
    • As a class, have we become reckless, arrogant, heedless?
    • There's lots to try if you're feeling a little more heedless, though.
    • He is a wild, impulsive boy, heedless to thought and temper.
    • Amy sat in deep thought, heedless of the laughter, jokes, and stories of the people around her.
    • He jammed the truck into first, heedless of the grinding gears, and drove recklessly off the road.
    • They swarm in squalling packs on to the roads, heedless of the rush-hour traffic, defying drivers to confront their pig-headed rebellion against road safety.
    • He draws heavily on folk tales and their heedless progress - one darn thing after the next: another peril, another prince, another hopeful wish.
    • Taxis were rushing in their usual heedless manner, splashing walls of water over the poor people who were braving the flooded intersection.
    • Some were so disorientated that they ran down the tracks into tunnels, heedless of the danger from oncoming trains, their only instinct to get out.
    • Those opposed to the application will cry foul, and those who have an axe to grind will jump on the bandwagon, heedless of the merits and demerits of the scheme.
    • Allow taxpayers to retain more of what they earn and those heedless sinners would only fill their homes with even more immoral gizmos.
    • This last sentence, with its message of heedless progress, becomes a sort of recurring motif throughout the book.
    • The heedless pursuit of profit can hurt the environment and conflict with other social values.
    • We have always known that heedless self-interest was bad morals; we know now that it is bad economics.
    • They leave the pundits gaping at their heedless disregard for the Governing Class.
    • The film refuses to budge from its masculine perspective in which the woman appears a heedless wimp.
    • Meanwhile we are not heedless of the hardships and worries that accompany the conquest of inflation.
    • It eliminated all pauses for inspiration, and freed heedless flights of fancy.
    • She ran still, heedless of the pain the thorns and rough branches caused her, heedless of the sharp stones in the ground which cut up her feet, heedless of all the things around her.
    • Once I'm outside, I start running, heedless of the rain and ice.
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