Traducción de hello en Español:


¡hola!, interj.

Pronunciación /həˈloʊ/ /hɛˈloʊ/ /həˈləʊ/ /hɛˈləʊ/

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(hallo) (Britanico hullo)
  • 1

    hello, stranger! ¡hola! ¿qué haces tú por aquí?
    • say hello to your parents for me (dales) saludos / recuerdos a tus padres
    • Tlingit people do not use such greetings as hello, good-bye, good afternoon, or good evening.
    • But instead of a normal greeting like saying hello or something, they hugged.
    • I thought it summed up what I wanted to say and it also is a way to say hello!
    • So Bob, if you are out there, drop in and say hello!
    • If you haven't met Joy yet, pop over to her site and say hello!
    • Ric's upset when he finds out that Alf returned from the USA the day before and didn't even say hello!
    • I haven't seen her in over a year, and yesterday she just strolls casually up to me and says hello!
    • The next day when Daniel came in, she started the normal conversation of ‘Hello, how are you?’ ‘Fine, and you?’
    • She whispered hello, then began to make her way to her room, where she hoped to take a nap.
    • ‘Hullo, hullo!’ the first one exclaimed brightly.
    • Logan didn't say hello, but I hadn't expected a greeting.
    • Ships' horns toot, children wave and call hello, and every morning you're awakened by the haunting call of the muezzin from some distant village mosque.
    • I was stunned and I said I'm surprised anyone says hello to me ever in the mall or in the store after reading that.
    • ‘Oh, hello,’ she'd said to Brett, evidently surprised to see him standing in her kitchen with her daughter.
    • A man standing in line at the check-out counter of a grocery store was surprised when an attractive woman behind him said hello.
    • It was a pleasant surprise when Sheila Sheridan came over to say hello.
    • ‘Oh, hello,’ she said acting surprised to see the four boys staring at her.
    • Quentin is surprised to see Maggie, and says hello.
    • But we had a surprise in store for Caroline when we said hello after the show.
    • He was a little surprised since he had already said hello to her that morning.
  • 2

    (answering the telephone)
    aló América del Sur
    diga España
    dígame España
    bueno México
    olá Río de la Plata
  • 3

    (attracting attention)
    • I yelled hello upstairs as I began to head up to see if I could help Mrs. Bishop out.
  • 4Britanico

    (expressing surprise, puzzlement)
    ¡pero bueno!
    hello! what's this doing on my desk? ¿qué hace esto en mi escritorio?
    • My second thought is, hello, it's still snowing!
    • And hello, what is this and why haven't I heard about it before?


(hallo) (Britanico hullo)
  • 1

    hola masculino
    • They sauntered past us and nodded their hellos in our general direction.
    • After a couple of polite hellos and a social drink, excuses were made and a wave of relief washed over everyone as they shut the car door.
    • Colin Spencer still stood by the desk no one signed in at; and he still smiled and nodded his hellos and goodbyes to every oblivious face that passed him by as though he was host to this year's biggest A-list birthday bash.
    • They nodded their hellos, Lisa heading straight for business.
    • Suddenly I noticed that my hellos in Thai were returned with a wrinkled-up nose and avoidance.
    • He led her to the elevators, nodding hellos to various service people in the lobby.
    • It wasn't unusual for her to get happy hellos and welcoming grins, but today was different.
    • The band members chuckled at me, nodded their hellos, and went back to warming up.
    • I received a few sympathetic smiles and polite hellos.
    • Waving polite hellos, I pretended to listen into what was turning out to be a very boring conversation about stocks and bonds.
    • When our paths just crossed, we gave polite hellos and tight-lipped smiles and then continued on our ways.
    • Riley slowly made her way to the bar greeting various friends and classmates with smiles and brief hellos.
    • Instead, she found herself surrounded by well-dressed, accomplished individuals offering English hellos, hot coffee and fresh pastries.
    • In the midst of a long round of hellos and goodbyes, the European Commissioner responsible for Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries has been in fighting form over all the issues that matter to him.
    • He half-heartedly nodded his greetings at several gentlemen who'd yelled their hellos to him from across the room, but he was too driven to stop.
    • When their eyes met, she grinned wickedly in an informal hello.
    • My local Chinese shop owner always greets me with a big smile and a friendly hello!
    • It is extraordinary how much can be achieved when you put enthusiasm into a routine task, a special project or a simple hello or conversation.
    • We didn't get the chance to get together this visit, but we had nice phone conversation and a waved hello.
    • With little more than a hello, I began to reread the letter that was in my hand.