Translation of helpful in Spanish:


servicial, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈhɛlpfəl/ /ˈhɛlpfʊl/ /ˈhɛlpf(ə)l/

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    (person/attitude) servicial
    (person/attitude) amable
    thank you, you've been most helpful gracias, es usted muy amable
    • I'm sorry; I was only trying to be helpful lo siento, solo quería ayudar
    • As well as having elegant rooms, the hotel also had extremely friendly and helpful staff.
    • Hospital staff were as helpful as they could be, but they never seemed to have enough time to talk to me.
    • The commission found staff were helpful and had been trained in customer care.
    • The people we spoke to were all very helpful and friendly and we were only sorry we couldn't stay longer.
    • A lot of neighbours I only know by sight but they have been so helpful and generous.
    • Although a helpful friend has reduced our computer problems, my email is still a mess.
    • He employed a lot of people from the area and is known to be a generous and helpful man.
    • She accepted that while some of her friends were also helpful, a lot of people her age were not.
    • The captain is compassionate and helpful, and Viola herself responds to him warmly.
    • The local anglers are friendly and helpful and the fly fishing can be excellent.
    • He is the helpful neighbour, willing to do a bit of shopping for the arthritic old lady next door.
    • They have nothing to prove and you will find them exceptionally generous and helpful.
    • The staff who dealt with my meals were extremely helpful, as were the cleaning orderlies.
    • The only helpful person was the policewoman who was called to the hospital and dealt with the case.
    • He has a large circle of friends and is kind, helpful and a wise guru to many.
    • The guy at the end of the phone was really keen and helpful and made sure I understood everything.
    • I want to praise my neighbours for being so kind and helpful, even two that we did not know very well.
    • The two officers were very helpful and did a lot to calm my shaken brother and mother down.
    • She is so honest and helpful and she will not force anything on you, just to sell it.
    • He goes out of his way to be as helpful as possible to anyone who seeks his advice or assistance.
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    (advice/explanation) útil
    (medicine/treatment) eficaz
    (arrangement/layout) práctico
    • This site is just getting off the ground, but already has a vast quantity of helpful information.
    • I have now received a very helpful paper with some more facts and figures.
    • It would have been helpful if we had received it a little earlier.
    • It took a long time to get comments back but no strings were attached and many comments were helpful.
    • A little adrenaline can be useful but stress is generally not healthy or helpful.
    • The absence of dairy products is also very helpful if you suffer from skin complaints such as eczema.
    • His hand as an editor is present in helpful and instructive ways in this collection.
    • Any constructive criticism would be helpful, and it would help me improve my writing.
    • If provided, varietal information on packets would be just as helpful as that on wine labels.
    • It could have effectively yielded some information that could have been helpful.
    • While everyone has a right to an opinion, it is helpful if it is just slightly informed.
    • As a commentary it is extremely helpful, lucid in style and profound in content.
    • Here are a few helpful tips on what to look for and what to avoid when bargain shopping for wine.
    • It may be helpful for a friend or relative to get involved in the treatment.
    • Thus the test does not seem to be helpful when assessing patients with urological symptoms.
    • One of its goals is to deliver friendlier and more helpful computing services to society.
    • It may be helpful if a friend can provide an eyewitness account of the event.
    • The idea of a palimpsest is a helpful way of understanding the King James Version.
    • His helmet was helpful for keeping him warm.
    • Where it may be helpful, legal representation paid for out of public funds is available.