Translation of helpfully in Spanish:


amablemente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈhɛlpfəli/ /ˈhɛlpf(ə)li/


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    (offer/suggest) amablemente
    (arranged/designed) con (mucho) sentido práctico
    • When she inquires at the desk, the manager helpfully points him out.
    • My tax credit adviser helpfully reminds me not to forget to include my personal financial details to ensure prompt payment.
    • This card they left helpfully informs me that they'll be back again today to attempt another delivery.
    • Such work relies heavily on the crib sheets helpfully supplied by the artist.
    • There is a great sound system and some rock classics are helpfully supplied on CD.
    • Our guide would helpfully translate the messages of some of the posters.
    • She helpfully suggested I try this smoothing shampoo and companion conditioner.
    • On learning that he wanted to go to Dubai, Rajesh advised him to get a passport and added helpfully that he knew an agent who could get him one.
    • I owe special thanks those whom responded deeply and helpfully to drafts of this essay.
    • The film opens with a newscast that is helpfully translated via sign language for the hearing impaired.