Translation of her in Spanish:


la, pron.

Pronunciation /hər/ /həː/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(as direct object)

      I can't stand her no la soporto
      • call her llámala
      • So, all I had to do was look out for the lady who picked up her phone to identify her.
      • As an adult she's learnt to say no to herself, but it hasn't come easily to her.
      • No one had mentioned to her that the boy had been badly burned and was in great pain.
      • Megan is coming for a visit at the weekend so I will mention it to her to have a look at the provisions.
      • The animal promptly followed her into the road and a car had to brake suddenly to avoid it.
      • We decided at this time not to mention anything to her about possible cancer.
      • He may well also have mentioned smoking to her but this did not make any particular impression.
      • Does this mean that he will know Judy to be Judy when he correctly identifies her?
      • She denied any further and more serious impropriety when it was easily open for her to do so.
      • Tina would bike to her mother's work at the end of the day and wait for her to finish.
      • In bed, he shrugs off her goodnight kiss and lies there waiting for her to ask him what's wrong.
      • Perhaps he went on and on to her about a previous girlfriend and she decided enough was enough!
      • The memory of the boys reminded him he could not keep his identity from her for long.
      • I did not see her as one to wait tables at a restaurant or tend to customers in retail.
      • It made her the youngest female solo artist to debut at number one in the British charts.
      • Perhaps you might entice a friend to some along with you and mention this to him or her.
      • He could just as easily write the letters to her if the issue was one of communication.
      • We don't hate Roxie for her ambition, merely pity her for the hard lessons that she is forced to learn.
      • She is waiting for the Indian embassy to issue her a new passport so that she can fly back home.

    • 1.2(as indirect object)

      (with direct object pronoun present) se
      I wrote her a letter le escribí una carta
      • give her the book dale el libro
      • give it to her dáselo
      • I gave it to her se lo di

    • 1.3(after preposition)

      with/for her con/para ella
      • you're older than her eres mayor que ella

  • 2

    (emphatic use)
    it's her es ella
    • I don't think that hat's quite her me parece que ese sombrero no la favorece
    • who, her? ¿quién, ella?
  • 3US informal, dialect

    (for herself)
    she'd better get her a new job es mejor que se busque otro trabajo
    • So, as usual we wish good speed to The Highfield Mole and all who sail in her.
    • It was another bad week for the insurance world and all who sail in her in Scotland.
    • The American ship put up such resistance that Stier, after sinking her, went down too.
    • During the night the Leda was torpedoed and, regrettably, no ship was sent to assist her.
    • A large helm is still in place on the aft deck, giving her the appearance of a much older ship.
    • It must be a navy big enough to defend her against the combined efforts of Russia and France.
    • A few of our group made a night dive on her for lobsters but I decided to wait and dive her at dawn.


  • 1

    (singular) su
    (plural) sus
    her son/daughter su hijo/hija
    • her sons/daughters sus hijos/hijas
    • it's her house, not his es la casa de ella, no de él
    • she took her hat off se quitó el sombrero
    • she had her hair cut se cortó el pelo