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heráldica, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhɛrəldri/ /ˈhɛr(ə)ldri/

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    heráldica femenino
    • The colour of blue on the flag is ‘argent’ as described in heraldry.
    • Michel Pastoureau is an authority on medieval heraldry and a professor of history at the Sorbonne.
    • My purpose here is to explore the significance of this last assumption within the context of the social ideas and values reflected by heraldry in its early medieval days of vigorous development.
    • The well-established obsession of late medieval chivalry with heraldry, orders and tournaments became overwhelmingly apparent.
    • Such ‘beasts’ were among the earliest icons used in medieval heraldry.
    • The Sunday Herald has learned that after lengthy deliberations, a stunning earlier design, believed to have cost thousands of pounds, was turned down at the last minute because it breached heraldry regulations.
    • Shakespeare was influenced by heraldry both professionally and personally, applying for a coat of arms on behalf of his father, granted in 1596.
    • The rose is the emblem of England and in heraldry is used as the mark of cadency for a seventh son.
    • Although the system is not perfect, containing minor contradictions and overlaps, it is vastly more efficient than searching for armorials without possessing a comprehensive knowledge of heraldry.
    • Richard Oliphant, who comes from Skye but was educated in England, was confirmed as Clan Chief by the Court of the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh, which adjudicates on matters of heraldry and chivalry - the last permanent court of its kind in Europe.
    • Thus was generated a moral, religious, and social code, which over the centuries became more closely defined and controlled through the conduct of tournaments, laws of war, orders of chivalry, and heraldry.
    • The first emblems in human history, Paradin argues, were preserved by heraldry and his own work recapitulates this allegorical genealogy.
    • ‘Gules’ is the traditional name for red in heraldry.
    • That the work may be a student's first introduction to parts of Renaissance culture, including heraldry, however, makes it even more the duty of a scholar - and of a university press - to get the facts right.
    • Elizabeth herself received no formal education, other than in heraldry and how to smile while standing up for hours on end.
    • Certainly, heraldry was known and studied in America at the time of the Revolution, as is indicated by the relatively large number of surviving silver and ceramic pieces with heraldic devices on them.
    • Now, heraldry is one of the quaint, meaningless traditions that so enthralls anglophiles like myself.
    • Traditionally, a colonel in the British Army would likely be from a high-born, well-known family with documented heraldry and pedigree.
    • Last year, Susan conducted a three week lecture tour in America to tell the story of Irish heraldry and genealogy and spoke in Boston, New York, Minneapolis and Chicago.
    • In ‘British Dragons’, Jacqueline Simpson gives a brief account of dragons down the ages, from their part in cosmological myth and hero legends to their use in heraldry and folk plays.