Traducción de here en Español:


aquí, adv.

Pronunciación /hɪr/ /hɪə/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(at, to this place)

      acá América Latina
      (less precise) acá
      come here! ¡ven aquí!
      • I left it right here lo dejé aquí mismo
      • the shops around here are expensive las tiendas de por aquí son caras
      • Boston is 200 miles from here Boston está a 200 millas de aquí
      • it's hot in here hace calor aquí
      • give it here! ¡dámelo!
      • I notice you have a little bit of a close community going on here where you live.
      • At the moment, there are some other women living here who are near her age to keep her company.
      • Beveridge once lived near here, where he would have seen all the ills he listed.
      • Today there are thousands of immigrants who live and work here driven underground.
      • What does it mean to you to be on pole position here at the French Grand Prix?
      • In all the years he has lived here, he has never seen killer whales approach so close.
      • Soon there will be very few of us left as generations have to leave the city because they can't afford to live here anymore.
      • They moved to Wiltshire in 1957 to farm at Chitterne in the west of county and they have lived here ever since.
      • It is easy to see how, living here, she can maintain what's most important to her: a grip on normality.
      • I didn't even live here in those days, and he sold land all around Australia by direct mail.
      • If you are very lucky, you may even be able to get hold of some tickets for one of the concerts or other live performances staged here.
      • I feel like I might be coming down with a cold; one of my coworkers has a cold and is not here today.
      • They also have the chair massage people here today, so I'm thinking of going for that.
      • I inform him that I've been living here for over 9 years, and am coming back tonight.
      • Val Kilmer is here live to tell us all about his new movie and the roles that made him famous.
      • It is for Australia, and for Australia alone, to decide who comes here and who lives here.
      • We have a saying here that donkeys in general do not hit their head twice at the same stone.
      • Nevertheless, there was general approval here this morning for the bird's bid for freedom.
      • They settled in Brooklyn and all of the children were raised and other generations born here.
      • We drank a toast to friends and family, here and far away, and I thought about the people I was missing the most.

  • 2

    (calling attention to sth, sb)
    here's £20 toma 20 libras
    • here's what you should do esto es lo que debes hacer
    • wait! here's the funniest part of it! ¡espera, que ahora viene lo más gracioso!
    • I didn't go; here's why no fui; ya verás por qué / te voy a decir por qué
    • here comes Philip/the bus aquí está Philip/el autobús
    • ask Emily here pregúntale aquí a Emily
  • 3

    • 3.1(present)

      were you here last week? ¿viniste la semana pasada?
      • he isn't here today hoy no está
      • Smith? — here! ¿Smith? — ¡presente!

    • 3.2(arrived)

      they're here! ¡ya llegaron!
      • winter'll be here before long pronto llegará / empezará el invierno

    • 3.3(available)

      the material is here to be used el material está para que lo usen
      • help yourself, that's what it's here for sírvete, para eso está

  • 4

    • 4.1(at this moment, point)

      here she hesitated entonces / en ese momento titubeó
      • It looks like this is becoming a real trend and it finally feels like summer is here.
      • But when I read things like this, it becomes clear that the time when that can happen is not yet here.
      • Summer days are here again, and the winter woollies have finally been put in mothballs.
      • Summer is nearly here, and a local theatre group are preparing to hit the road and take advantage of the good weather.
      • Looking at the schedules, one can't help but feel that summer is here and the people who run TV are not.
      • You also know summer is here when the food markets finally open after a winter of hibernation.
      • Summer is here and Agapanthus are one of the most striking plants in early Summer.
      • I can also wear skimpier tops and short sleeves, which is great now that summer is here!
      • Summer holidays are here, bringing the chance to bask in delicious sunshine.
      • Summer is here and a bit more fun would be welcome on the streets of Kerry towns.
      • Just when we imagined we've seen the gamut, here comes a genuine first in the industry.
      • Well, here comes a ten-ton surprise, because it turns out that their gratitude was all talk.
      • But here comes another constraint that you might just consider to be a smoking pistol.
      • I was just getting caught up in wrecks and we got that out of the way early, so here comes our stretch again.

    • 4.2(on this point)

      I'd like to say here that … sobre este punto yo quisiera decir que …
      • here I disagree ahí no estoy de acuerdo
      • many opinions are possible here sobre esto caben diversas opiniones

  • 5

    here, let me do it trae, deja que lo haga yo
    • here, you, give us a hand ¡oye tú, danos una mano!