Translation of heretic in Spanish:


hereje, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɛrəˌtɪk/ /ˈhɛrɪtɪk/

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    hereje masculine, feminine
    • It clearly would cover any incitement of hatred by the religious against its heretics, apostates, or members of other faiths.
    • He was also an ardent heretic and freethinker, maybe an out-and-out atheist, and a vocal defender of the ideas of Charles Darwin.
    • The heretics Marcion and Valentinus believed that God was androgynous.
    • Persecuting witches or merely criticizing nonbelievers (as infidels, heretics, pagans, or gentiles) can unite the Faithful.
    • If the term ‘Christian’ is taken to include heretics, schismatics, and baptized apostates, it would still appear that most are damned.
    • I am English, born in Britain, but I am referred to as a heretic, unbeliever, infidel, etc., because I am a Pagan.
    • Can those of you who believe that pagans, Jews, heretics and schismatics can share in eternal life explain how you interpret this?
    • Any uprisings caused by religious heretics could bring pain and suffering to the whole Jewish population.
    • The Hussites, on the other hand, who broke away from the Holy Roman Empire in both political and religious senses, were heretics.
    • With the exception of Pangloss, the three other heretics are burned at the stake.
    • I think about Galileo dropping differently weighted things from the tower, only to be branded a heretic.
    • The new religions exalt secular saints, enforce dogma, punish heretics, value self-sacrifice, and sanctify writings.
    • Declared a heretic by the Pope he was banished from Rome and subsequently vanished, presumed murdered.
    • Consequently those who came to believe that orthodox teaching was inadequate or wrong risked being declared heretics.
    • Galileo was forced to repudiate his scientific knowledge lest he be declared a heretic by the official church.
    • They sought regeneration - a regeneration we can liken to that of the medieval heretic or saint.
    • Predictably, those trying to be midwives to these new theologies (note the plural) are being criticized as heretics, unorthodox, disturbers of the peace, etc.
    • Care needs to be taken to distinguish between teachers that are misguided and those that are rank heretics who have rejected the faith.
    • We went to a Catholic school; yet we were known to the nuns to be the children of heretics who had rejected the Pope's rulings.
    • That was when people began to rebel against their unfair practises and that was when the Priests began condemning people to death, claiming they were heretics and rebels.