Translation of hero worship in Spanish:

hero worship

adoración, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhiroʊ ˌwərʃəp/

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    (de alguien a quien se tiene como ídolo) adoración feminine
    • In fact, it was outright hero worship - Sinatra aped the way D'Amato dressed, smoked, tipped, even the way he spoke.
    • I think he was flattered by my teenage hero worship.
    • I'm not the kind of guy who engages in cheap hero worship.
    • Such a society would vanquish sycophants, mindless ritual, dogma, unthinking action, and hero worship.
    • And for those who are not given to hero worship, the software offers the choice of applying one's own face, with the help of a webcamera.
    • I always thought the little girl's obvious hero worship was sweet… but the age thing confounded me.
    • Cohen admits that this ‘great man’ approach might open him up to accusations of hero worship.
    • But one need not be a fan of old-fashioned hero worship to see this as a problematic development, which points at a lowering of human horizons.
    • It is obvious, I suppose, that only after Napoleon could the cults of the hero, of hero worship and of the genius take full form.
    • Chicoine's hero worship leads him to make disturbing statements, such as his conclusion that the sacking of Athens was ‘perhaps not right’.
    • There is some hero worship here and puffery about the parks and their dedicated ‘family’ of workers.
    • Here's a story about alienation, manipulation, the psychedelic powers of music, hero worship, religion, drugs, ego, and acceptance of the huge amount of power being a public figure gives you.
    • The world we are drawn back into is one of economic depression, spiritual optimism, hero worship and the beginnings of mass media penetration into the hearts and minds of the world's richest nation.
    • An academic scholar attributed this phenomenon to the oversaturated media coverage and an unbridled Internet causing the undesirable social effect of blind hero worship.
    • Fanship, a splinter group of hero worship, is a natural consequence of contemporary life.
    • Statues were seen as aids to the hero worship which patriots hoped to instill among Australia's youth.
    • When Paul was 14, Stan joined the Navy, and the hero worship of a younger brother began to border on idolatry.
    • But there's no groupie hero-worship thing going on in their relationship, she insists.
    • Hmm, the famous person I would most like to be is Madonna I guess - huge hero-worship thing since I was tiny.
    • Then they wander into Paul McCartney hero-worship territory.

transitive verb hero worshiping, hero worshiped, hero worshipping, hero worshipped

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    (brother/sportsman/pop star) idolatrar
    • She was a devoted mother who hero-worshipped her children, and they similarly worshipped her.
    • In the global village of the 21st century, footie fans have become ambassadors for their country as they track their beloved teams and hero-worshipped players across the world.
    • That's what happened to City fan Paul Butler, who during the 1980s hero-worshipped Keith Walwyn to such an extent he even wrote a song about him and sent it to the City legend.
    • He was my big brother and I hero-worshiped him.
    • We may hero-worship these people but would never want our children to marry one of them.
    • Youthful Professor Mike French hero-worships him - a new and unsettling experience for geeky Paul.
    • Whatever may be her skills at the kitchen, he still hero-worships her.
    • Jeff hero-worships Steve, deriving vicarious pleasure from his friend's sex life.
    • He hero-worships Adam and loves to be in the thick of the action, excelling in undercover work.
    • Billy Boyd steals every scene he is in, as a comic, hero-worshipping colleague of Frank's, who somehow contrives to complicate the proceedings.
    • In about 1863 they became his unpaid pupils and studio assistants; they hero-worshipped him, and their unsophisticated attempts to imitate his stylish dress and manner caused much amusement.
    • He was a political icon and many hero-worshipped him.
    • This guy is hero-worshipped in Europe and among other cyclists.
    • I've never been an out-and-out sports fanatic, never wanted to play for my country, and never precisely hero-worshiped the players of my day.
    • She went shopping on weekends and was polite to adults and anyone who she thought sufficiently hero-worshiped her.
    • Inherit the Wind was thrilling 40 years ago if you were very young, reasonably well educated, and inclined, as I was, to hero-worship Clarence Darrow.
    • Did she hero-worship her older brother, or make his life miserable…?
    • Faith didn't hero-worship him, but she certainly couldn't hate him, now could she?
    • These people would be better off establishing a cult, getting a bunch of doped up teenagers to donate all their possessions and hero-worship them.
    • This implies that I actually care about famous people, or that I hero-worship nobodies.