Translation of heroism in Spanish:


heroísmo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɛrəˌwɪzəm/ /ˈhɛrəʊɪz(ə)m/

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    heroísmo masculine
    • The heroism of the police is recognized by the coalition in medal ceremonies like this.
    • The story contrasts Asian and western concepts relating suicide and heroism.
    • There were periods of real heroism as Scotland tried to speed the game up, Gordon Simpson deciding to run a quick one at the outset.
    • Tales of such heroism and sacrifice are common to all cultures of course.
    • We have had mass deaths before, mass suffering, and we have seen heroism in its face.
    • The presence of two Maori and three women in this book confirm that heroism is independent of race and gender.
    • The heroism displayed was of an extraordinary nature, and obviously great damage was done to the German war effort.
    • Each run involved a journey through the hellish smoke and back, but David's heroism had paid off.
    • The famed leading officer earned the VC for various different acts of heroism, rather than one single act.
    • Somewhat more surprising is that some find inspiration for heroism.
    • Though Giles Radice does not say so, this is clearly a form of political heroism which has hitherto been overlooked.
    • Bung Karno was drawn to paintings depicting heroism because he was always engaged in struggle.
    • You will discover riches within yourself that you cannot conceive of, acts of heroism that will take your breath away.
    • One thing about his father is that he neither wanted nor accepted heroism as a birth right.
    • And yes, there's plenty of that stoicism and quiet heroism around, and it was on display today.
    • But it is the emerging heroism of Hecuba that Castle may find most inspiring.
    • He himself didn't find out about his dad's heroism until years later, when he read the story in a newspaper article.
    • Yet despite his heroism, Freeman also stirred up storms of controversy.
    • So I'm not surprised that she can't enjoy her own heroism and wrestles with enormous survivor guilt.
    • The heroism glamorised by Wolfe and Kaufman was of the balls-out variety.