Translation of highbrow in Spanish:


de intelectual, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈhaɪˌbraʊ/ /ˈhʌɪbraʊ/

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informal, often derogatory
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    (tastes) de intelectual
    (art/music) para intelectuales
    • He has inexpensive tastes, even if he likes highbrow culture, and has the common touch.
    • So, if you thought ‘Ulysses’ was only for highbrow academics, come along and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised!
    • Now a series of reports questioning his ability to deliver highbrow culture into the establishment may have damaged his reputation.
    • I think that artists and the cultural sector can often seem unnecessarily highbrow.
    • Philippe Garrel is also one of those figures: a director with fanatic followers in the most highbrow circles of film criticism.
    • Although the ballet may not receive great acclaim from highbrow ballet lovers, it has had 6,000 performances overseas and organizers are confident Chinese audiences will respond warmly.
    • But I'd have to say the blogosphere and Internet has given City Journal, a pretty highbrow magazine overflowing with thoughtful, long essays, a lot more readers.
    • Woke up this morning to a very highbrow debate on Radio National between George Monbiot, Christopher Hitchens and Lewis Lapham on the death of the Left.
    • This sort of evening is not for highbrow music lovers, but for people who enjoy listening to ‘normal’ Christmas carols.
    • That's obviously too highbrow a concept for them to comprehend.
    • Their literature sections are supposedly quite highbrow, but they still have lots of popular stuff.
    • This year, the ceremony was broadcast live on arts channel BBC4, a channel so highbrow it has about six viewers.
    • The content, however, seems less highbrow than one might have feared.
    • There are lots of people trying to dumb down, trying to make highbrow stuff more real, more visceral.
    • In the decades that followed, it developed as a popular alternative to a highbrow arts festival: a jamboree of artistic experiment and innovation.
    • With all due respect the Yeats Summer School is a bit highbrow, appeals only to the few, and is generally regarded as a tourist attraction.
    • It certainly isn't that we are particularly highbrow - I love intellectual stuff, but also Friends, chick lit and most films with Meg Ryan in.
    • I was going to say that it is not the type of book that I would normally have much time for, because it is published by Bloomsbury, and their stuff is usually a bit highbrow for me.
    • I hate this attitude that classical music or the arts have to be highbrow.
    • People who think that he should make the International Festival more populist, as opposed to highbrow, have clearly missed the point.


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    intelectual masculine, feminine
    • They think that, like the hicks of Holcomb and the fawning highbrows of Manhattan's literary salons, we will be won over by his wit and charm.
    • Edward was not an irredeemable highbrow, and he insisted that one of the most significant moments of his life was getting to meet Cyd Charisse.
    • After a summer that has found all the highbrows giggling at the fact they liked Peter Frampton all along, here comes a real guilty pleasure.
    • Orwell wrote, in his great wartime essay The Lion and the Unicorn, that ‘the Bloomsbury highbrow with his mechanical snigger is as out-of-date as the cavalry colonel’.
    • Perhaps worse still, it has also been relentlessly over-analyzed by film highbrows.
    • Today, only a highbrow would take a Shakespeare play along with him.
    • To Lynes, the highbrow was ‘a person educated beyond his intelligence.’
    • So highbrows think I'm shallow, and everyone else thinks I'm pretentious.
    • According to the highbrows, the middlebrow arts relied on glib formulas which were untrue to life's real complexities.
    • This wasn't just a case of a few New York highbrows flaunting their refinement in reproach of Hollywood vulgarity.
    • The highest of the highbrows were here tonight.
    • In the current rush to condemn the so-called ‘highbrow,’ many seem to forget that highbrows are individuals who have worked for years in order to appreciate art at its most subtle level.
    • Expressing concerns that at first seem far removed from Rockwell's sensibility, highbrows also repeatedly warned of the mass media's power to encourage a false - and dangerous - sense of group solidarity.
    • The tone won't appeal to highbrows, but this is the closest thing to a second Tocqueville we are likely to find.
    • What the highbrows seemingly fail to realize is that low culture always has been and always will be there, just as high culture has and will be.
    • I love these books. Mind you, I had to giggle when I read that they had been described as ‘light entertainment for highbrows’.
    • There was a time when modern art was nobody's idea of fun. The lowbrows thought it was boring. The highbrows thought it was serious.